Corporate Video Production- What not to do!

Data shows that by 2020, 75% of the mobile traffic will be generated through video contents. Nowadays, target audiences are no longer fond of textual or auditory learnings. It has been proven that brand objectives can more easily be achieved by video content rather that than long pages of text. That is why there is a surge in the demand and acceptance of corporate video production services.

If you are planning a corporate video for your business, then hiring a corporate video production service provider can transform your video from a boring to highly engaging video. This will be a strong marketing tool for you in the social platforms. But there are some mistakes you should avoid while planning your next corporate event.

1- Not Defining a Clear objective

solid planning for corporate video production

It’s important to ensure solid planning for video production as well. You need to define what are the brand objectives you want the corporate video to achieve. Also, research your audience’s need and map it to your brand messages to create a compelling corporate video.

2- Disregarding ROI

Disregarding ROI

Corporate video production is definitely an investment for long-term. The biggest ROI you can ensure is engaging more people with your brand than ever and increasing traffic from different platforms.

3- Not choosing the right service provider

corporate video production service provider

When you are about to hire a new corporate video production service provider; you need to be confident about these attributes of the company-

  • The company’s core competencies matching your objective
  • Proven Results in their Portfolio
  • Turnaround time adherence
  • Efficiency in delivering Brand Message

Based on these factors, you should evaluate the capability of a corporate video production company to produce your desired outcome.

4- Copying Competitor’s Work

Copying Competitor’s Work

It is highly possible that you have checked videos of your competitors. But it is never a wise decision to follow and replicate their strategy in your own video. Find your point of differences and focus on your USP. Only then can you successfully deliver your brand message through your corporate video.

5- To be or not to be…

To be or not to be

Corporate videos are highly crucial for any organization because it is their initial mode of interaction with their customers or investors. So, make the right decision and choose a promising corporate video production company for your next corporate video.

If you are a business owner, it is high time to invest in corporate videos for your business. Making good videos can lead to acquiring great deals.

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