How To Make Long Term Construction TimeLapse

19 April , 2022 by Rashida Saeed
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It sure is mind-blowing to be able to capture the entire construction process which can be for as long as years, into a few-minute-long video and turn that into a site progress report, which can even be used for marketing. That’s what shooting longterm construction timelapse video allows you to do. But then, getting it right in record time takes a great deal of precision and planning. Apart from having the right tools, you need the right mindset. Perspective is everything.

What is a long term construction timelapse video?

A long term construction timelapse is a video that shows the extent of the work put into making a construction from the inception of the project. Unlike pictures that capture just a single moment, timelapse videos capture different moments of the long-term duration project. So, by just watching a long term construction timelapse video, you can clearly see a condensed representation of weeks, months, and even years of hard work within just a few minutes.

With a long term construction timelapse video, you can capture long term construction projects and efficiently display them in a few minutes, utilizing creative visuals and accurate facts about the project.



What are the benefits of a long term construction timelapse videography?

While a long term embracing timelapse videography is a beautiful way to see how far a project has come, it offers a lot of benefits for a business or organization with respect to marketing. Let’s take a look at a few.

1. Showcases your portfolio to prospective clients

What’s a great way of saying you can do something without literally saying it? Showing it! When clients see pictures of some of your finished projects, they may not be something new for them. But seeing a timelapse video of the transformation from nothing to something is sure to leave them impressed. So, a long term construction timelapse video will go a long way in pitching your work to potential clients.

2. Delivers updates on construction work

A lot of community projects are long term construction projects and so, can take a few years to be completed. It is easy for the project to start with so much support from the community but when the project lingers for so long, it is natural to find a decrease in the interest level of the community. To keep that support coming, the community has to be carried along. And this means regular updates. Timelapse videos are the best tools for delivering these updates to the relevant stakeholders and keep them interested throughout the duration of the project. 

It is not uncommon to find non-profit organizations employing timelapse video services in Saudi Arabia for the purpose of providing the community with construction updates. This is especially in cases where the non-profit needs some financial support from the community to complete the project. Long term construction timelapse videos are a great way of getting more people involved in a project while educating them on what your organization stands for.

3. Triggers excitement about your project

There’s this excitement that comes with the anticipation of something better. It could be the erection of a new building or the renovation of an existing building; people would always be excited about what is to come. Documenting the construction journey and giving people a timelapse video will go a long way in making them feel included in your project  and further heighten the anticipation of the finished work. If it’s a new shopping mall, you can be sure that people are already creating a list of the things to purchase when the new mall opens up. And you have your long term construction timelapse video to thank for that.

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What is required to create a long term construction timelapse video?

A long term construction timelapse video requires tools, planning, and superb editing. But let’s break it down a bit:


The tools used depend on your environment but then, here are the basics.

  • Solid and high-quality camera
  • Good lens (zoom lens or prime lens)
  • Large-storage media card
  • Intervalometer
  • Power source for your camera
  • Battery case
  • Voltage converter
  • Pelican case, to keep your camera weather-proof and water-proof.

Here are the best timelapse camera and some time lapse camera tips 2024

What to do to create a long term construction timelapse video?

Tools alone won’t get you premium-quality timelapse videos, but the following tips will go a long way in getting you the video that will stand your project and you out.

Use the Aperture Priority Shooting Mode

The Aperture Priority shooting mode is the preferred shooting mode for long term construction timelapse videos because it allows you to control the aperture. Because this shooting is long-term, you will experience various lighting conditions during the duration of the project. So, set up your camera in the Aperture Priority mode and lock the other settings in manual.

You may be worried about how terrible the flicker will be, but leave that for post-production and just shoot now. While every other setting should be manual, there is one exception to the rule – ISO. If you’re using a camera that comes with the option of putting ISO on auto, now may be the time to use it. However, if you also plan to include some night shots in your timevideo, a better option may be to put ISO on manual, thereby, preventing high-ISO noise.

Take Multiple Photos

The more photos you take the better the final outcome. While you are definitely not going to make use of lots of the photos you take, you are more likely to get an array of good photos when you have many photos to choose from. During post-production, one starts out as an editing session of five-minutes worth of photos that can end up being just 20 seconds worth of good, usable photos. 

However, consider your storage space, data usage, and post-production workload when determining just how frequently you will be shooting so you don’t bore holes in your pocket with data bills and then have to edit hundreds of thousands of photos. Most long term projects will come out just fine if you take one photo every 15 minutes.

Be Prepared for What Might Go Wrong

Those that provide timelapse video production service know to expect the best while being prepared for the worst. What if the electronics fail? What if lightning hits the unit? What if a spider decides that your vantage point is the best site for a new web? Well, the sooner you get prepared for what might go wrong, the more likely that you’ll get the best outcome. 

As much as possible, let the equipment be installed in an easy-to-access location. If you will need more than a ladder to get to it, you might have to change the equipment’s location. For a long term construction that requires an Elevated Work Platform (EWP) to access the equipment, you will be spending a lot on maintenance visits. So, it is advisable that the equipment is at a location where it won’t cost so much to access. However, if you have to use an EWP, be sure to include in your budget the cost of regular maintenance visits.

Fix Flickering

After shooting, it is time for post-production, and one of the biggest hurdles to a smooth post-production is flicker. So, to move ahead, flicker has to be balanced and smoothened out in timelapse sequences. How do you get this done? Adjust each photo’s exposure setting in relation to other photos.

Blend Frame

Apart from cases where a variation in light causes flicker, there are times when objects also do this; where you find an object in one photo but not the next phone, creating a kind of staccato effect. This poses a huge distraction to the viewer because timelapse is supposed to be focused on the subject going through change, but then this object’s appearance and disappearance creates some kind of distortion.

The most suitable way to fix this will be to blend each frame with the one(s) before/after it, so that in the video, the object fades in. This way, instead of getting a jarred effect from the object flicker, there will be a smoother flow to the video.

Be Creative

Getting the right tools, and then shooting and editing like a pro is not enough to make a timelapse video from one vantage point the most engaging video to a viewer; you need to put your creativity to use in creating an engaging video. One sure way to drive engagement with the long term construction timelapse video is to include aerial footage, interviews, and short-term timelapse videos. However, if all you’ve got to work with is the long-term timelapse footage, then you have just enough to create magic.

Your sequence should have some dynamic movement added to it. You can achieve this by zooming, panning, and/or tilting your photos. Adding perspective correction will make it seem like your camera was moving through space. To further aid engagement, you can add some motion graphics. Include information about the project like its duration, significant milestones, and number of man-hours involved.


The truth is you basically have one shot at capturing your construction, so you need to get it right the first time. Follow the above-mentioned tips and see improvement in your long term construction timelapse videos. If you need help with creating a world class 4K Timelapse video with LIVE monitoring for your project, talk to an expert at Studio 52.


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