Corporate Videography at Dubai Expo 2020

30 September , 2021 by Rashida Saeed
Corporate Videography at Dubai Expo 2020

The crux of Corporate Video production is professional production standards and branded video. These videos are made at Global Events like Dubai Expo 2020 and can be used to communicate messages to the internal and external stakeholders of the business.

We want to provide some tips and techniques in this content to help create high-quality video content for businesses that are attendees at the Dubai Expo 2020.

Corporate Videos for the Expo incorporates a comprehensive marketing strategy of a business that includes promotion, marketing and sales-driven content. Producing high-quality videos for events is a fantastic way to document your Company’s involvement in the Expo and to extend the value of your contributions post the event.

Expanding Audience Reach with Event Videos

These videos help to reach a wider audience. There will be millions of footfalls at the Dubai Expo 2020. These videos can attract them to your pavilion or stand if these videos are optimized adequately with properly shared thumbnails, titles, keywords, tags and descriptions. Since the Expo will run till the end of March 2022, it makes sense that you design an editorial calendar and ensure that you post a variety of videos consistently throughout this period.

Video Equipment for the Expo 2020

High-quality video recording is only possible with the right equipment. Equipment should be such that it is easy to move around and take on the go. Post-production should be fast, with editing and publishing facilities readily available.

Social Media and Video Marketing 

Social media is an irreplaceable part of video marketing. Sharing Expo Videos on social channels will boost promotion, marketing and selling during Expo 2020. You can ideate digital campaigns made explicitly for Expo 2020, where you showcase your presence as a natural extension of the brand, its whereabouts and visibility in the market.

Ready reckoner for top video marketing strategies for Dubai Expo 2020

  1. Your videos should highlight the USPs of your business by presenting a corporate brand and message.
  2. The Expo’s theme is “Connecting minds and creating the future”. Your videos should reflect this theme and share pre-recorded and live glimpses of what’s happening to get people engaged about the event.
  3. Using video content, you can engage in conversations online. Use relevant event hashtags while posting your videos and enhance the reach for all things that lead to Expo 2020.
  4. Corporate videos can attract your business’s stakeholders and partners who are also attending Expo 2020. Your followers can see these videos and enjoy them if they cannot participate in the vent for any reason.
  5. Double up on content for attracting your audience and potential visitors with such videos. For example, blogs can combine with videos to promote ideas more succinctly and precisely.
  6. Record your involvement at the Expo with videos that will be memorable and serve as a part of your Company’s milestone documents or video showreel long after the Expo is over.

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While your business celebrates the proud moment of participation in Dubai Expo 2020, please remember that Corporate Video is the key to branded content and lies at the core of your digital marketing strategy.

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Corporate Videography at Dubai Expo 2020

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