5 Tips on Choosing a Professional Event Videographer Before Dubai Expo 2020 Goes Live

01 September , 2021 by Rashida Saeed
5 Tips on Choosing a Professional Event Videographer Before Dubai Expo 2020 Goes Live

Producing high-quality video documentation of corporate events, speeches, presentations, launches, and company parties is a great way to build your brand and get people interested in what you do. Hiring professionals to capture these events produces polished, well-framed, and accurate representations of the event.

A professional video tells the story of your event, from start to finish, with clarity and accuracy, which is what we did for our client Grizzly Mining Limited. Considered as the second biggest emerald mine in the world, Grizzly Mining hosted the rough emeralds tender in the Dubai Diamond Exchange state-of-the-art tender facility last year. 

Throughout the 3 days of the event, our film crew captured all the important moments staying out of the way and recording the event discreetly without any interruption. To tell a perfect story we edited the footage from all the days into a less than 3 minutes video. Our sound engineers then added an inspiring soundtrack to elicit an emotional response from the viewer.

So, how do you choose an event videography or photography who can give you professional results like the one above? Here are some tips to get you the best videographer for your event:

  1. Look for videographers who shoot videos in your preferred style to narrow down your search. You can go through the demo reel on their website or look for more samples to get a feel of their work. 
  1. Don’t be too quick to settle on any videographer. Review more than one vendor to compare prices and packages. This would help you determine if you are getting the best price for your project. 
  1. Reviews are very important. So, read all the customer reviews on their websites, or well-reputed listing websites like Clutch, etc. Reviews are a great way to know the capabilities of the videographer or the video production company that’s rendering these services.
  1. In order to receive the perfect event video, photograph, or live streaming services, you need to communicate your requirements clearly to the person or production service you have planned to hire. Miscommunication will only lead to a product that both of you won’t be happy with. You need to explain where you want the most emphasis on or what kind of video you are looking for. Also, make sure that you have noted down all the requirements and explained everything to the filming crew before the event.
  1. It’s also very important to work with a videographer or an agency that has some experience in the field. As these events are just a one-time thing, you won’t be able to capture them again. If you missed documenting your win at an event, or the motivating speech of your CEO, you won’t be able to recreate them again. So, you cannot afford any mistakes during such events.

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A few months from now, the world is set to witness one of the largest events, i.e. the Dubai Expo 2020. Expos like this come once every five years and have more than 190 countries participating. Your business needs to have the best filming crew to document all your important moments. The biggest event in the world is your gateway to growth where you can forge business connections, attract investors and promote international cooperation. It’s your unique opportunity to seize the moments and make the best of them. So, why settle on something that’s mediocre? Why not go with a crew that has experience in handling expos like these?

Whether you want a corporate video, promo video, or live streaming video filmed for the Dubai Expo, you can book Studio52 crew in Dubai for all that and more. We have some of the best professionals in the industry in our team working with us who know the covering of events and expos like the back of their hand. Get in touch with us today to discuss how we can help you with your corporate event video, live streaming, and photography needs.


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5 Tips on Choosing a Professional Event Videographer Before Dubai Expo 2020 Goes Live

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