Grab Attention of Your Audience with Impressive Radio Ads

Grab Attention of Your Audience with Impressive Radio Ads

19 July , 2017 by admin
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With 47 radio stations, the UAE is one of the countries that have highest number of radio stations in the world. When you include radio in your business strategy, you can grab the attention of 80% of the UAE’s population. But as we know, it is always easier said than done.

Here the big puzzle is how to reach mass with an impact that converts target audience into customers and customers into loyal customers. The answer is by making your radio ads impressive. Now, impressive advertisement doesn’t mean flowery words only; an impressive radio is the apt combination of perfect timing, voice, quality of sound, effective scripting and a lot passion and dedication.

So, let’s understand what makes a radio advertisement an impressive radio advertisement.

  1. Know Your Target Audience

As it has been aptly said that everyone is not your customer; you really have to pick your target audience, understand them, need to know about their listening choices, research about when they do listen to radio, what radio stations they listen to and then you are required to air your advertisement in between the programs.

  1. Script is the Soul

Script is the combination of words that includes USP of your brand, call to action, and at the same time the script should be a piece of writing that your target audience cannot forget when executed.

  1. Voice for Script

Work of voice over artists is not just about reading scripts, it is way more than that. As radio is a non visual medium, the voice of an artist brings life into your script. You may feel like executing script on your own, but never do that until it is the demand of the script. Let a professional script executed by a professional artist.

  1. Don’t Neglect Sound and Quality

Poor sound or recording quality can damage the overall creative. That’s why choose sound that fulfills the requirement of your script and never compromise on quality.

Advertising on radio stations of Dubai or the UAE is not a big deal, but effective advertising is indeed a huge deal. There are plenty of radio advertising companies or radio advertisement makers in the UAE; you need to find which has versatile experience and interest in your brand.

Studio 52, you can call it a media agency or radio advertising agency or experienced company that provides complete audio visual solutions. We have been in the business of radio commercial recording for ages. We have worked with renowned startups to giant businesses and made radio advertisements that did wonder for their business. We have an extensive library of sounds and our voice over artists know more than 20 languages and plenty of dialects to deliver radio advertisements.

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Grab Attention of Your Audience with Impressive Radio Ads