9 Important Tips for Beginners To Create Engaging Audio Ads – Studio52

23 June , 2021 by Rashida Saeed
9 Important Tips for Beginners To Create Engaging Audio Ads- Studio52

Audio is an integral part of our lives and we are currently living in the middle of an audio revolution. We experience the world around us and connect with different brands through sight, touch, smell, or hearing. Some of us remember things better if we read about them, while some have to take a look at visuals to remember them better. And for some sound works best.

During the last few years, the digital landscape has evolved to a great extent and audio ads are a part of this evolution. Being a novel channel, audio advertisements provide a unique opportunity to the advertisers to combine audience targeting and the emotional connection to audio ads. It also offers a lot of room for experimentation as it’s still in its initial stage and advertisers are still discovering what works best.

In this post, we would try to understand what audio ads are, why you should be interested in audio advertising, and 10 tips to create an engaging audio ad campaign that strikes the right note with the right listeners every single time. Let’s begin!

What is audio advertising?

Most people on the go consume media in the form of audio. Whether they are jogging to an upbeat playlist or chilling out with a podcast during watering plants in their garden, either way, audio keeps you fully immersed. And while listening to these you are most likely to come across audio ads.

Audio Ads - Studio52

In order to define audio ads, it wouldn’t be wrong to call it a method of delivering ads in the audio format through online streaming services like Pandora, Amazon Music, YouTube Music, iHeartRadio, Vox, Spotify, and more. These audio ads are inserted in audio content like podcasts, digital radio, and music streaming and can be streamed on a variety of devices like the desktop, mobile phones, over-the-top (OTT) televisions, and even smart speakers.

Why Audio Advertising Matters?

Unlike traditional radio advertising, audio ads enable you to make data-driven choices while targeting your audience. But, that’s not the only reason for you to include audio advertising in your marketing strategies. 

An average American spends more than 4.5 hours a day listening to music. And while doing so they make use of more than 3 devices like smartphones, PCs and laptops, and TVs. The Nielsen report also points out the emergence of audio-centric devices like specialized headphones and voice-controlled devices. All these developments point towards the dawn of a new era in the world of audio advertising. Here’s some more factual evidence to what we are trying to say here:

  • Ad spending is projected to reach $32,205 million in 2021. (source: Statista)
  • In one particular case, audio ads increased ad recall by 14%. (source: YouTube)
  • 56% of Gen Zs told Spotify they found a sweet escape in the audio streaming platform from all the crowded visuals they usually see. (source: Spotify)
  • In 2020 audio was the top activity on mobile, outpacing social, video, and gaming. (source: Spotify)
  • 41% of listeners say they trust ads more when they hear them during a podcast, and a whopping 81% have taken action after hearing an audio ad during a podcast they enjoyed. (source: Spotify)
  • A study conducted by subscription-based music streaming Pandora shows that audio ads are not only effective but also enjoyed by their listeners. (source: Pandora)
  • Podcast listeners are more likely to take action after hearing an ad in their favorite podcast. (Insideradio)
  • 90 percent of audio streaming listeners choose ad-supported listening. (Spotify)
  • Butler University tested Spotify to connect with its target demographic. Butler achieved 1.6 million impressions, over 700,000 audio plays, and an audio completion listen rate of 92%. (Voices)
  • 44%, is how much home listening has risen during the pandemic. (source: Edison Research)

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9 Tips to Create Engaging Audio Ads

When you are crafting your audio ads, keep in mind that audio should play the leading role. From the script to the voice over artist delivering the voice-over, every detail of an audio ad contributes to communicating a message to the listener. So, how do we craft an unforgettable message for your audience? Let’s take a look.

9 Tips to Create Engaging Audio Ads- Studio52

  1. A conversational tone works great with audio ads.

Try making use of a more casual and familiar voice to speak in a conversational tone. Listeners respond better to a message that feels like a conversation. Remember that it’s not always what you say, rather, how you say it.

  1. A powerful ad should convey a clear message.

Be sure to design the ad as clearly as you can. Don’t try to say too much in those 30 seconds. An overload of information causes the listeners to forget the actual message. So, outline the benefits clearly and succinctly and avoid using ambiguous words.

  1. Open up the “theater of the mind” with your message.

Audio elevates the experience of storytelling. When you hear the words or sounds in an audio ad, your imagination kicks in to visualize the whole story in your mind. Every listener becomes the director of his own ad, and to complete the story they usually tend to their memories, thus making it more personal. This means a Dominos Pizza audio ad would trigger different personal memories to each one of us making it more relatable. So, make careful use of sound to draw the listener’s imagination into the brand story.

  1. Speak slowly and carefully to deliver the message.

No matter how good your script is, it doesn’t stand a chance to be heard if the voice over artist doesn’t deliver it slowly and carefully. Your ad shouldn’t sound like the disclaimer statements read out at the end of a mutual fund commercial. Give your listener the time to mentally absorb the message and take action. Make sure that you hire an experienced voiceover artist in UAE who can deliver the script without rushing.

  1. Avoid using loud background music.

When adding music to your audio ad, consider lowering the volume level in comparison to the voice-over. The voice-over should be more prominent at any given time than the background music, unless and until intentional. This does not mean that you need to eliminate background music.

  1. Make sure that there’s a smooth transition for the listener from the content to the ad.

Audio ads are often inserted between songs, podcasts, interviews, and other audio content, so you need to have a clear transition from these to your ad. Make a clean start and finish to the ad and avoid long fade-outs.

  1. An audio ad should be fully centered on the sound.

When you are writing the script for your audio ad, try to listen to it without looking at the visual. Never use the same script that you have used for the visual medium. Make sound the focus of your ad.

  1. Provide a call to action to provide listeners with clear next steps.

At the end of the ad, you need to inspire listeners to take the next step. Remember that they are listening so the CTA should be simple, straightforward, and memorable. 

  1. Maximize your reach with voiceovers dubbed in the regional languages of your target audience.

People respond better when they listen to the message in their own language. A dubbing artist or a dubbing service provider can provide you with the perfect voice you are looking to deliver your messages in.

And there you have it. You are all set to create a stellar audio ad campaign for your brand.

Wrapping Up!

Audio is here to stay and to make your brand heard, you need to amplify your message with the right sound and music. Audio ads are all about voice. To get heard you need to work with a voiceover and dubbing service provider who understands audio inside out. We have a pool of experienced, captivating, engaging, and versatile voice-over and dubbing artists who can capture the essence of your brand in a voice that’s never been heard before. 

Get a jump start on your audio ad campaign with Studio52 today! To find out more check out our gallery or get in touch with our star Studio52 sales team.


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9 Important Tips for Beginners To Create Engaging Audio Ads – Studio52

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