Radio Advertisement for this Festive Season

13 December , 2022 by Rashida Saeed
Radio commercial for Christmas & New Year

If you want the best radio content for this festive season, look no further. We at Studio52 have been facilitating our clients with audio content creation for up to 40 years. As the holiday season ascends, so does the need to shop for presents. What better time for your business to pull out all the stops and choose the perfect holiday advertisement? Whether it be the New Year or Christmas, December is the busiest month for shoppers and sellers alike.

Make sure your business is ready to invite all the shopping traffic as people check items off their shopping lists. The purpose of launching custom advertisements for the holidays is to benefit from this increased need to spend money. Your product may be of interest to consumers as a gift to a family member, a friend or even to impress a boss.

Is Radio Still Relevant?

You may wonder if this platform is worth investing in. The answer is Yes!

Radio reaches about 688 million users per week in the UK. That makes a huge target audience for your commercial if you air it through the radio. The people listening to these channels are regularly travelling in their vehicles.

It makes for a considerable amount of time they’ll spend listening to the deals different stores can offer them. Radio advertisements are funded directly by advertisers and are accessible to a wide age group. It is a cheaper and more effective way to get to your target audience this holiday season.

Composing a Radio Advertisement

Years of experience in radio advertisements have enabled us to outline some elements to make the perfect ad for you. This requires strategy, innovation, market assessment and knowledge as well as understanding the purpose and goals.

Voiceover Artists

Investing in the right voiceover talent and producing a professional quality ad can make it catchy for your audience. You need to retain older customers and attract new ones with the voice you pick.


The script or the hook you choose will define how well people respond to your ad. It should be spunky and entertaining while maintaining the purpose of selling your product. A radio ad should be the place where you brag about what makes you special.

The Christmas and New Year sales and deals your customers can avail. The holiday season is the perfect time to cash on people’s sentimentality with a heartfelt commercial. These key elements can be family, relationships and getting together once a year to exchange gifts.

Articulate and Uncomplicated

Maybe start your ad with a Christmas jingle to get the listener’s attention. It’s a simple yet effective way to engage your audience. Make sure your voiceover artists are clear and articulate in the way the

y talk. You only have about a minute to deliver the message, so keep it captivating and memorable.


Maybe start a contest till New Year’s countdown to get more listeners to tune in to the channel to win prizes. This is one of the most successful types of radio advertisements to keep your audience hooked. You don’t need to create an entire ad but can get RJs to announce the contest on their shows. This is another type of radio advertisement that is done during a live show.

Know your Audience

The first 5 seconds of your radio ad will determine the success in maintaining the audience’s attention. Make the best use of this time. The commercial break in the show will air multiple ads so yours has to stand out. It can be through the discounts you offer or the music you choose. Companies want to play it safe and aim to target a more general audience pool. You should be aware of exactly to whom you’re selling.

Sound Effects

The tone and sound effects you use are going to make your ad appeal to the listener so they don’t skip over it. It never hurts to put nostalgia in your ads with their favourite Happy New Year songs. The sounds should complement your script to make the commercial break pleasant.

Answer the Question

Many radio advertisements start with questions that intrigue the listener. They might be looking to shop for gifts, update to a new phone or a new car or even get Christmas decorations. You can capture their attention by giving them the answer to their search. Your ad includes how your product is the thing they’ve been looking for. This is how you get the audience to spend money on the product you’re advertising.


Radio ads

Radio Advertisements in the UK vs the US

More than 15000 radio stations are operating in both countries combined. Radio stations are having a tougher time staying relevant in this new era of communication. On an average day, less than 1% of radio listeners tweet about a radio station in the UK. This number is still higher compared to the 0.1% of tweets in the US. Radio ads in the UK are set to a softer tone, entertaining the audience. Whereas in the US the ads are hardcore sellers, throwing information at their audience through their energetic scripts.

While the Ads in the UK are advertising Christmas sales, Americans have a lot on their plates with the Super Bowl. One of the primary differences is the use of celebrities as voiceover artists. UK advertisements use professional voiceover talents while US ads are full of celebrity endorsements. The language used in the scripts varies in politeness and compassion.

Benefits of Radio Advertisements

Radio advertising is a cost-effective way to communicate with your customers this festive season. Your marketing strategy can involve radio commercials leading up to New Year. It is one of the most effective ways of getting brand recognition. Some of the key benefits include:

  • Radio stations have special discounts and slots for holiday advertisements
  • This way you can target a specific area or region through radio channels
  • Radio commercials require minimal input as it is audio based
  • Making a catchy Christmas and New Year commercial is easier when it’s accompanied by music
  • It is accessible to all types of people and most people tune into these channels during their drives

Act now to get the best radio advertising packages and deals. This is the season of giving and receiving.


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Radio Advertisement for this Festive Season

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