5 main benefits of a safety induction video for the Oil and Gas Sector

24 August , 2021 by Rashida Saeed

If we consider high-risk working environments then the Oil and Gas industry falls well and truly under this category. Few other industries in the world self-regulate more strenuously to continuously improve health and safety than this industry.

Types of Hazards at Oil and Gas Sites

Workers at oil and gas extraction sites could be exposed to hydrocarbon gases and vapors, oxygen-deficient atmospheres, and fires and explosions when they open tank hatches to manually gauge or collect fluid samples on production tanks. These exposures can have immediate health effects, including loss of consciousness and death.

Role of Safety Induction Video to mitigate hazards at Oil &Gas sites

Everyday working practices must be rigorously assessed by safety professionals within a framework of strict regulations, to guarantee the safety of the workforce.


Safety videos focus on the following points:

5 main benefits of a safety induction video for the Oil and Gas Sector

1. Maintain dialogue with your workforce

A safety video helps in maintaining dialogue with your workforce. The workforce representatives are always involved in health and safety inspections on oil and gas rigs. The safety videos communicate where the risks lie and in the process make the workforce aware of potential hazards.

2. Awareness building 

Safety induction videos are used by O&G companies to build awareness about potential risks on the site amongst new employees and members of the workforce. Minor hazards can become bigger issues so nothing should be taken for granted. HSE inspections of oil rigs should be covered in detail.

3. Focusing on basic safety measures

Slips, trips and falls can be best avoided with good housekeeping while walkways should be kept clear of tools and debris. Spills should be cleaned immediately. Nowadays companies use 3D animation safety videos that highlight all these features and focus on the basic safety features. Eye and back injuries can also be avoided by proper personal protective equipment and safe work practices, hand injuries by the use of gloves.

4. Continuous focus on new learnings

Like all other industries, the oil and gas industry recognizes the importance of joined-up working and engages the workforce and trade unions through offshore safety committees and onshore networks. The best practices and learnings are integrated into the safety videos and the entire workforce, especially the new ones, are updated through this medium.

5. Implementing proactive safety strategies

While a focus on reducing and eradicating short-term incidents is followed, a deeper understanding of the long-term issues should also be highlighted in safety videos. These issues can be handled through proactive communication and are more of a prevention approach rather than a cure approach.

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Studio52 approach

Premier creative content production company Studio 52 have extensive experience of working with Oil and Gas companies to produce Safety Induction Videos. The company works as a business partner and understands the particular safety challenge before drawing up the storyboard for the video. Studio 52 has a crack team of videographers, animators, and photographers along with voiceover artists and other technicians who are experts at creating such safety videos in different types of formats, according to the needs of the client.

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5 main benefits of a safety induction video for the Oil and Gas Sector

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