Benefits of monitoring your construction site with timelapse camera

10 November , 2020 by Rashida Saeed
Timelapse Camera

Timelapse video in construction business is a powerful and resourceful tool. You might know it already. What you might be wondering is what makes it so powerful. Today, we’ll look into various benefits and efficacy of monitoring your construction site remotely.

Construction Timelapse Camera

Remotely controlled camera systems have upgraded all vital business operations from tracking work progress to monitoring maintenance of construction tools. Remotely controlled construction time-lapse camera video capture may be a mouthful, but it provides you with more job satisfaction than you would imagine. Your contractors can check the live feed and monitor progress to discuss with investors and stakeholders. When a large amount of money is involved, your investors will want reports and be assured that their money is in good hands.


Construction Timelapse Camera

Time-lapse videos help connect with all your staff in a short time and address any issues you might have with their work ethic. Remember, many employees have weaker work ethics than you would expect them to. Time-lapse videos help you weed out incompetent staff. The video system can work 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. This means that proper maintenance can be done remotely for uninterrupted service, ensuring perfect documentation of everything at your construction site. If electric power fails, your time-lapse camera system must be able to operate on solar or wind power system. Focus on these pre-requisites when you purchase and install a construction time-lapse system.

Construction Timelapse Camera

Efficient project management greatly influences the success of any construction project. In fact, project management practices have been found to improve the success rate of construction projects by 2.5 times. 

Many businesses struggle to execute their plans correctly when they work on large-scale projects. They face issues such as scheduling delays and resource misallocation, which, in most cases, result in budget overruns and even failures. 

You can change your project management approach using time lapse cameras for site monitoring. 

While the primary purpose of a time lapse camera is video production for marketing, it has various other applications as well. Here’s how you can harness the true potential of time lapse cameras to streamline your project management. 

What is time lapse camera monitoring?

Time lapse site monitoring involves strategically placing specialised cameras at key vantage points across the construction site. These cameras capture high-resolution images at regular intervals, which are then stitched together at the end of the project. During the ongoing project, one can utilise it to track milestones, check the status of resources, and for other project management purposes. When the project is complete, the footage can be compiled to create time lapse videos for marketing. 

The Transformative Impact of Time-Lapse Camera Monitoring

Time lapse camera monitoring can transform the two most important pillars of the construction business — project management and marketing. Therefore, it’s a cost-effective solution that revolutionises your project operations.

  1. Advanced Progress Monitoring

Progress monitoring with time lapse technology offers a dynamic solution to the challenges of construction project management. By configuring time lapse schedules through platforms like Studio52, project stakeholders gain unprecedented control over their monitoring parameters. Features such as customizable schedules, interval settings, and data consumption projections empower users to tailor their monitoring approach according to project requirements.

  • Customisable Schedules: Define capturing schedules based on specific timeframes and days to align with project milestones and activities.
  • Interval Settings: Determine the image capture frequency to ensure comprehensive coverage of project progression.
  • Data Consumption Projections: Gain insights into projected data usage, allowing the managers to make informed decisions to avoid overhead charges and optimise resource allocation.
  • Real-time Monitoring: Access time lapse footage remotely to gain instant access into project progress and identify any deviations from the timeline.
  • Streamlined Decision-making: Accelerate the decision-making process by eliminating the need for manual data collection and analysis, leading to timely interventions to expedite project timelines and mitigate setbacks.
  1. Optimised Resource Allocation

For efficient resource management in large-scale construction projects, manual tracking is inadequate, leading to inefficiencies and potential errors in the work. Time lapse video monitoring offers a solution by providing real-time visual data on resource utilisation, facilitating precise allocation of manpower, equipment, and materials.

By leveraging time lapse footage, project managers gain insight into the movement and deployment of resources on-site, enabling the identification of areas of inefficiency. These insights empower informed decision-making to optimise resource allocation strategies, ultimately reducing costs and enhancing project efficiency.

Studies demonstrate that construction businesses can achieve significant cost savings, up to 28%, by implementing improved resource management practices. Through the adoption of time lapse video monitoring, construction firms can elevate their resource allocation processes, driving greater profitability and project success.

  1. Enhanced Safety and Security

In the construction industry, ensuring the safety and security of construction sites is one of the most crucial factors for successful project management. Time lapse cameras contribute significantly to enhanced safety and security by providing clear footage that eliminates blind spots, improving visibility to identify safety hazards and compliance issues promptly.

  • Comprehensive Coverage: Time lapse cameras offer clear footage, ensuring comprehensive coverage of construction sites without any blind spots, enhancing security measures.
  • Real-time Monitoring: With time lapse footage, construction managers gain real-time visual insights into resource utilisation, enabling prompt identification of safety hazards and compliance issues.
  • Efficient Identification: The clear visual data from time lapse footage allows for quick identification of safety compliance loopholes, enabling timely resolution to avoid disruptions and ensure smooth project progress.
  • Optimised Decision-making: By leveraging insights from time lapse footage, construction managers can make informed decisions to optimise safety measures and resource allocation, ultimately minimising risks and improving overall project efficiency.
  • Cost Savings: Studies indicate that improved project management practices, facilitated by time lapse camera monitoring, can lead to significant cost savings, reinforcing the importance of enhanced safety and security measures in construction projects.
  1. Distinctive Marketing Potential and Visual Documentation

Time lapse cameras offer distinctive advantages in marketing potential and visual documentation, making them indispensable tools for construction site monitoring and project management.

  • Comprehensive Documentation: Time lapse cameras capture the entire project from inception to completion, providing a comprehensive visual record of the construction process.
  • Engaging Marketing Material: Businesses can create captivating marketing videos showcasing their construction projects using time lapse footage, effectively promoting their capabilities and expertise.
  • Legal Documentation: Time lapse footage serves as valuable evidence in legal disputes, offering an impartial and accurate record of the project’s progression, aiding in swift dispute resolution.
  • Enhanced Credibility: Leveraging the visual capabilities of time lapse videos, construction firms can bolster their credibility within the industry, demonstrating their commitment to transparency and professionalism.
  • Improved Brand Reputation: Sharing time lapse videos of project progress enhances brand reputation by highlighting achievements and showcasing successful project outcomes, attracting potential clients and stakeholders.
  • Cost-Effective Marketing: Time lapse cameras offer a cost-effective means of marketing, requiring minimal maintenance and yielding impactful marketing material for business promotion.
  • Efficient Public Relations: By sharing time lapse videos, businesses can effectively engage with the public and stakeholders, fostering positive relationships and generating interest in ongoing projects.
  1. Elevated Client Engagement and Internal Collaboration

Time lapse camera monitoring enhances project management and elevates client engagement and internal collaboration, fostering stronger relationships and streamlined communication channels.

  • Client-Centric Approach: Keeping clients engaged throughout the project is paramount for maintaining satisfaction and trust. Time lapse videos present a captivating visual journey, allowing clients to stay informed and involved in the project’s progression.
  • Transparency and Communication: Sharing time lapse footage with clients demonstrates openness and commitment, fostering a collaborative atmosphere where clients feel valued and informed. Visual updates facilitate clear communication, reducing misunderstandings and enhancing client satisfaction.
  • Team Collaboration: Time lapse videos are powerful tools for collaboration. By sharing visual updates with internal teams, project managers promote collaboration, boost morale, and create a sense of collective achievement.
  • Marketing and PR Benefits: Time lapse videos are not only valuable for internal use but also serve as potent marketing and PR assets. Engaging visuals showcase project milestones, attracting potential clients, and enhancing brand reputation, leading to increased business opportunities.
  • Community Engagement: Time lapse videos also play a role in community engagement by showcasing the positive impact of construction projects. Highlighting transformation and progress fosters community appreciation and involvement, enhancing public relations and goodwill.
  • Enhanced Documentation: Beyond marketing, time lapse footage can be used for comprehensive documentation, aiding in legal disputes and preserving project accomplishments for future reference.
  • Seamless Integration: With Studio52’s expertise in construction time lapse cameras, businesses can seamlessly integrate these tools into their project management workflows, ensuring optimal documentation and client engagement throughout the project lifecycle.

Bonus tip for advanced site monitoring with time lapse video cameras

Optimise your construction project monitoring with a dual-purpose approach leveraging time lapse video cameras. Partner with a reputable time lapse video production firm to strategically deploy cameras for both video production and site surveillance. Seamlessly integrate time lapse cameras with leading construction project management solutions such as Procore, BIM 360, or Plangrid. This integration automates the transfer of time lapse images to designated folders, facilitating streamlined progress tracking, resource analysis, and timeline generation. Configure time lapse cameras with these platforms to enhance workflow efficiency and project oversight.


To conclude, construction time lapse videos offer a multifaceted solution, facilitating enhanced progress tracking, heightened security, and impactful marketing initiatives, all contributing to overall business growth. Their integration into project management systems streamlines operations across various facets, minimising manual effort and maximising efficiency.

Central to their success is the strategic positioning of cameras, a pivotal step that ensures optimal coverage and automation of subsequent processes. Unlock the full potential of construction projects by leveraging the expertise of trusted partners such as Studio 52 for time lapse video production.

At Studio 52, we specialise in exceptional B2B time lapse video production. Visit our Studio 52 website for more queries or reach out to us for a free consultation call today!


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