Capturing a building construction in five steps with timelapse videos

09 September , 2021 by Rashida Saeed
Capturing a building construction in five steps with timelapse videos

Timelapse can capture the process of building construction. Architectural and interior design firms can use these types of videos to spruce their business. On websites and social media channels, timelapse videos perform very well. So these videos also act as updates of the construction process.

We outline the various steps of house construction of a typical timelapse video. It’s excellent fun material apart from being tough marketing stuff.

1. The Process of building support

Shoring, or the process that defines using props to support a building, structure or vessel, is first done horizontally, vertically or laterally.

2. The process of building tensile strength

Next, the tensile strength of the building structure is built in by a process called rebar. Originally reinforcing bar, rebar is a tension device made up of a steel bar or a mesh of steel wires to help the concrete withstand tension. As we all know, concrete has less tensile strength but can withstand a large quantum of compression.

3. The process of adding concrete by a hose

The hose shoots the concrete, and the process is technically known as shotcrete. The building surface gets pneumatically projected at high velocity: mesh, fibre or steel rods for reinforcement.

4. The introduction of structural steel

The purpose of introducing structural steel in building construction is it prevents sagging from excessive loads. Beams with specific cross-sections are carved out from structural steel and come in a variety of shapes.

5. The form or shape of the building structure

The framing process uses engineered wood, structural steel, or wood.

That gives shape and support to the building structure.

Different stakeholders like architects, civil engineers, contractors, building owners, or even a company that runs one of these businesses may be interested in the various stages of the building construction process. Embracing Timelapse Videography capture the entire process in a fun and engaging manner.If you are interested in creating building or interior timelapse videos, visit Studio52.

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Capturing a building construction in five steps with timelapse videos

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