Importance of Timelapse Video in Construction sector

07 July , 2022 by Rashida Saeed
Importance of timelapse in Construction sector - Studio52

The world and businesses across the world are heading towards being more digital. Digitalization has become the need of the hour and the same has also been adapted by construction professionals all around the globe. People in construction have understood the importance of timelapse to make their work easier and faster. 

Construction cameras with timelapse features is one of the most innovative technologies that has proven to be quite beneficial for the construction industry today. So, what is it that makes it so popular in construction? Well, below are some of the factors behind the fame of timelapse and what makes construction professionals use it more often.

Let us first explain what timelapse actually is. Timelapse cameras are used in construction to capture images at intervals. These intervals could be over weeks, months or a year. These images are then seen together jointly, which shows the images in motion of the construction site like a video. These images help in project management, project documentation, improvement is any needed and also in project marketing. 

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Construction Timelapse Camera

Below are some of the importance of timelapse in construction in detail:

  1. Management: Through the timelapse images, contractors can tell the whole story of the project been undergone, that too in an 4K quality and from pre to post stages of the project. These images can then be used by companies to know the progress of the project and also to use internally to show it to employees and clients. 
  2. PR and Marketing: These detailed 4K images converted to videos can be used in the marketing purpose for press releases, email newsletters, social media channels, website, etc. Since these videos will show how fast a building was made, the customers will easily understand the process, as opposed to seeing months and years long process. 
  3. Spotting inefficiencies: Apart from making use of these 4K videos for client and business purpose, it can also be used to spot any kind of inefficiencies all throughout the construction process. Problems like things not been delivered on time, wrong packaging of materials, etc. can be figured out and worked upon with the help of timelapse videos and images. Improvements in the construction process can take place with the help of timelapse. Not just errors in the construction process, but also the incompetence of employees can be managed through timelapse. For eg. A subcontractor coming to work late or contractors getting into an argument. Videos and images can be used to resolve any issues amongst the contractors. Construction Timelapse Camera
  4. Cost-effective documentation: Timelapse videos and pictures provide a cheaper alternative to documentations and video productions. Instead of spending too much on audio and video productions, companies can opt for timelapse images in the form of a video to show to their clients. 
  5. Easy to use: However difficult it may sound, timelapse cameras are easy to use and install. A company does not need a special team or extra set of hands to install the construction timelapse cameras. Anyone with even a little knowledge on plugging things can do it. It is as easy as plugging in the construction camera to power, logging into the account and get going with it. The best part about these cameras is that they are password protected and cannot be accessed by anyone on site. Only the people with access to the password have the right to take the images out and view it. 
  6. Internal engagement: Not just for the use of clients, but one of the importance of timelapse videos is that it can be used internally for organizations to appreciate employees who are good at their job. With the videos, the companies keep every internal person associated with the project know the progress of it. The time-lapse videos can be shown as an encouragement to the team. By keeping things transparent, every employee feels that they are part of the project and close to home. This, time-lapse helps in creating loyalty and employee satisfaction. 

So there is nothing more imperative than how your clients as well as your employees see you as a construction company. These videos are the best way to gain their trust and show your abilities. 

Construction timelapse videos and images have a lot of benefits for the construction company and if decided to go ahead with it, there a lot of outsource companies that can provide you with a professional staff committed to creating, developing and producing these videos at a very affordable range. These companies can also offer additional services like editing and use of drones a few times a month for a better video. You will also have the option of opting for short samples to get to know what these videos contain and how it can impact your company as a whole. 

If you’re looking  to make timelapse video in Saudi Arabia , Contact Studio52 for more information on using these cameras in construction projects or would like help from an expert who can provide compelling time-lapse videos. We know what it takes to create high-quality time-lapse videos and will work with you every step of the way to make sure your project is successful.


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Importance of Timelapse Video in Construction sector

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