A ready reckoner on Industrial Photography

09 August , 2021 by Rashida Saeed
A ready reckoner on Industrial Photography

One of the primary concerns of a manufacturer is how to highlight his product’s unique features to connect easily with the customers. Industrial Photography, a photography niche focussed on serving businesses within the industrial sector, makes this possible.

Industrial photography can be done in a dirty and hazardous condition like a sawmill or it can be accomplished in very clean environments like a food production line or drinks manufacturing unit. Other areas of industrial photography include engineering companies, factories, high-tech start-ups, etc. Industrial Photography covers a broad range of sectors. The common thread is that it usually involves companies who produce products requiring large-scale machinery and/or facilities.

Ready Reckoner on Industrial Photography

We at Studio 52 have a comprehensive body of work in industrial photography and have successfully accomplished a large number of projects for various engineering and manufacturing companies. 

We want to share some insights into this fascinating niche of photography from our years of experience:

  1. While big manufacturing units always provide opportunities for industrial photography, smaller factories, wreckers or metal works are also excellent sources of industrial photography. The corporate sector is also interested in professional photos of their processing plants and manufacturing units. They use this for advertisements and creating marketing collaterals.
  2. Safety must be the number one concern for Industrial photography. Construction sites and industrial sites vary in terms of function and accessibility. The requisite permission for shooting should be procured from the concerned authorities to avoid any hindrances.
  3. On the day of the shoot wear appropriate safety clothing and safety gear supplied by the site manager. Follow instructions and be respectful of the environment and the industrial workers. Chances are they will be doing hard work during your photoshoot. Steer clear of any danger zones and focus only on your photography.
  4. list of must-have types of equipment include
    – A camera
    – A large capacity CF card
    – Spare camera battery or battery grip
    – A lens, specifically a zoom lens
    – A set of extension tubes for macro photography opportunities
    – An on-camera flash and batteries
    – A tripod
  5. One should be prepared for a variable range of lighting situation in industrial photography. Sparks from industrial equipment, sparse but intensely bright artificial lighting or even natural lighting pouring from grimy walls will present varied lighting situations. Carrying a tripod and flash will be helpful and don’t be afraid to experiment.
  6. One of the great challenges of industrial photography is to keep the big picture in mind. The photographer while focussing on the minutest details should also effectively capture the large industrial landscape that highlights amazing feats of engineering excellence.
  7.  A visual sweep of the surroundings helps in many ways.
  8. Focus on a single colour to bring out the emotions behind a photograph. Think of the red of molten steel, yellow sparks of a grinder, or the blue hues of daylight creeping in. A colour will often add a little more to the photograph.
  9. Finally include the workers. Photographing workers at an industrial site while they are sweating it out might seem intrusive. However, more often than not they will be happy to be clicked. You can never ever complete your story without their presence in your photography assignment.

After all, it’s their labour that brings fruits to the industrial establishment.

Studio52 Advantage

Studio52’s professional photographers bring forward the skilful craftsmanship that sets your products apart to compete. Even in challenging environments, our experienced photographers are thoroughly equipped. With industry-leading techniques, they know how to highlight your product’s engineering excellence while creating a captivating and innovative story.

 With over four decades of experience producing industrial content, the expert team at Studio 52 knows how to optimize your digital catalog with precision and creativity. We have the knowledge and tools to provide you with sharp, captivating imagery. Your vision is at the forefront of every aspect of the project to ensure you have the right images that capture the fruits of your labour.

Have you commissioned Industrial Photography?

  • Have you ever commissioned an industrial photography project?
  • What was your experience? What were your pain points?
  • Did you get that resolved?
  • Did your photographer “capture” your “vision” through the photography?
  • We would love to hear your experience.

Please contact us at https://studio52.tv/photography/Industrial and an expert from our team will get in touch with you.


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A ready reckoner on Industrial Photography

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