5 Must Know Aspects of Dubai Live Web Streaming

28 July , 2021 by Rashida Saeed
5 Must Know Aspects of Dubai Live Web Streaming

Whether you’re live streaming to YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, Twitter, or Vimeo, it’s important to plan it right. From your venue to the equipment everything has to be planned and done right to make it look professional and a success. Thankfully, our team at Studio52 has a lot of experience in handling event coverage services, live streaming events. We make sure that everything is as professional and organized as you want it to be. Producing a polished, professional live stream is a big task in and of itself, which is why you need to work with an experienced partner to create visually stunning content.

Below are some of the most important aspects of live streaming that you must know about before getting started with it in Dubai.

  1. Technical Know-how

Live streaming may sound very simple but it is not, especially if you are looking to conduct a professional level live streaming quality. This is where a technical director comes in who is essentially a senior technical person responsible for maintaining the highest standards of quality both visual and technical to their audiences. He or she works closely with the directors, camera operators, sound and lighting engineers to ensure that everything is going to work smoothly.

Before you begin live streaming, you need to invest in good-quality equipment. The technical director knows the exact technical requirements of a particular live stream. He knows what configuration to look for in a laptop or desktop computer. And in case of any issues, he would know how to sort it out.

Working with our technical director, you can take your live streaming to another level. Our technical directors at Studio52 have the know-how required to run live streaming efficiently. They would measure the upload speed needed for the type of content you are going to stream, check the sound and find out if they are lining up with the visuals. In short, they know how to create the best viewing experience for your audience.

  1. Smooth Streaming Experience

If you are looking for a Dubai Live streaming service provider, there are many popular providers like Twitch, Livestream, YouTube, and more to choose from. No matter what platform you choose for streaming your event, it’s important to know how to work with an encoder. To be able to handle more professional live streams with the ability to add multiple cameras and layouts you need encoders.

An encoder is a piece of software that compresses and converts the incoming audio-video signal into a digital, web-friendly format for the Internet. There are two types of encoders software and hardware.

Hardware encoders are typically used by advanced broadcasters given their high price points. They are designed specifically for encoding, which gives them an advantage over software encoders.

Dubai Live Web Streaming Studio52It’s important to remember that streaming software always takes a toll on the computer’s CPU. This means that if your computer is not powerful enough to handle it, your viewers may experience buffering and dropped frames while you experience a very laggy computer. 

Our live streaming team
at Studio52 knows the right configuration required to handle these tasks so you can stream uninterrupted.

3. Right Camera Gear

The most important piece of equipment in your production arsenal is your camera. Webinars, training sessions, and other simple broadcasts are fine with a simple camera setup, but more advanced broadcasts like product launches, conferences, etc call for more professional setups with TV-grade equipment. 

There’s nothing worse than a shaky camera and too-dark image while you are live streaming. Therefore, for the best quality video, you need to look for a high-quality camera with an HDMI connection, since HDMI-compatible cameras typically produce the highest quality stream. Having high-quality and multiple cameras enable you to capture video from various angles for more engaging content.

For live streaming purposes, you will need a camera that can at least capture HD video at 1080p 30 fps. And if you want to live stream 4K content you need an even better camera. Depending on your need and budget you can consider Sony a7S II or the even more affordable Sony AX series cameras for good results. 

However, working with our live-streaming team means you would get the best quality video as we have all the high-end cameras needed for flawless live streaming, even 4K quality. We use the Canon C100 Mark II professional, full-frame DSLR camera in our studio, while for 4K streaming we use a Sony A6300.

  1. Audio Quality

Audio quality is one of the most important yet most overlooked items in live streaming. Depending on your budget and streaming setup, there are a few different options to capture audio correctly.

You could also get a standing/shotgun mic if you’re sitting at your desk or a lav mic if you’re getting up and moving around a lot.

And if you have multiple audio sources, you’ll definitely need a mixer to not only convert audio signals into digital format for broadcasting but also have control over the volumes and tones of each of those sound sources to ensure everyone is at the same level.

This is why we recommend working with an experienced partner to deliver high-quality audio. For example, the Studio52 audio production team has access to the best-in-class audio equipment for the best audio quality. And if you want we can also record the video and dub it in the regional language for your target audience too so you can distribute it later.

  1. Ideal Dubai Live Streaming Venue

Dubai is a beautiful destination with plenty of venues for organizing the perfect live streaming event. There are so many wonderful places like the Dubai World Trade Center, which is quite big and perfect for any type of live streaming event you can think of. 

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There’s another very classy and beautiful venue that we can think of, the Dubai Exhibition Centre. This place is perfect for conferences, concerts, gala dinners, product launches, award ceremonies, music festivals and so much more.

If you want a more creative venue for your live streaming event, you can also head over to D3, Dubai’s leading destination for arts, culture, and design-related events such as fashion shows, or art exhibitions.

Hire Event Coverage service - Dubai Expo 2020

That’s not all there are plenty of amazing venues that we know of at Studio52, all perfect for any live streaming event.

Whether you are planning a live stream for your event, webinar, virtual meeting, product launch, or gala award ceremonies, our team at Studio52 can help you with everything. Get in touch with us to learn more about how we can help you set up the best live streaming experience for your audience.


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5 Must Know Aspects of Dubai Live Web Streaming

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