The Ultimate Event Livestreaming Guide

18 November , 2021 by Rashida Saeed
The Ultimate Event Livestreaming Guide

If you invest in the right tools, event live streaming is very straightforward. We present to you the marketing eco-system for live streaming videos and how the numbers are stacking up in favour of it:

  • 12 % increase in total live streaming hours over a year, from 2018 to 2019.
  • 28% of marketers expect to invest more in live streaming.
  • Ninety-one million subscribers will utilize live streaming video by 2024.
  • 47% of viewers are streaming more live video than a year ago.

Unleash the power of live video in Event Marketing 

Witness this. Taco Bell opened a hotel, Game of Thrones ran a scavenger hunt, and Charmin jumped in with whimsical restrooms. Organizations across industries are diving into events and experiential marketing.

Let take the example of Netflix. Technology has pushed into a new world where automation rules, which is great to watch if you want to see a TV show, and Netflix has something to offer based on your preferences. However, the human urge for connection, recognition and interaction is always there, where experiential marketing comes into the picture. 

The Ultimate Event Livestreaming Guide

So what is happening with event Marketing? Events may seem like fleeting moments for a finite number of people, and businesses are now expanding the shelf life of their events. How? The answer is with live video.

Take the case of Nikon, for instance. Their marketing team found it an enriching experience to live stream sessions online after coordinating with speakers for interviews during a conference. What was the result? Nikon reached four times as many people as the entire conference itself.

The Marketing Manager at Nikon believes that if you are lining a conference with talented thought leaders, it’s not much of a stretch of putting a camera in front of them and broadcast it.

With a modest increase in budget, the best thing is that you can significantly reach a bigger audience with such tactics.

A live moment showcases the imagination and brings people together. Face to face communication is the best form of communication, and live streaming creates a sense of inclusion and connection that is difficult to replicate with other forms of communication.

Trends of audience expectation for Live Content

Today consumers are increasingly used to watching video content from a computer or a mobile device, and their expectations for consuming live content will shift that way too. 47% of live streaming viewers globally are streaming more live video content than a year ago, and those numbers continue to grow in specific segments such as sports.

  • Over 7.7 million Americans live-streamed the Iceland-Argentina World cup match -over 20x the population of Iceland itself.
  • 31.2 million browsers streamed the World-Cup’s early-stage group matches through the BBC’s live streaming services(61% of the U.K population).
  • Viewers live-streamed 560 million minutes of the Super Bowl in 2019.

Marketing Strategies for Live event streaming videos

Live event streaming video is not a trend only now, but businesses are starting to notice it, with 28% of marketers investing more in live streaming in the years ahead.

Many brands and publishers are already meeting this demand by

  • Creating behind-the-scenes videos for loyal fans and audiences.
  • It makes interactions and testimonial type conversational videos with customers and social audiences.
  • They are crafting special product announcements and launches.
  • They are promoting influencer partnerships or a speaker series.

If you are looking for “Trust Content”, event streaming is the answer.

Gone are the days when you could win over customers with clever advertising. Buyers now are loyal to brands that demonstrate purpose, with 62% of consumers globally saying their ethical values influence their buying decisions.

Live events and streaming those events are critical strategies for developing authenticity, showcasing purpose and building trust with new and prospective customers.

Confidence and branding go hand in hand, and the confidence comes from living to the brand’s promise. For the Welcome Conference, our promise is “Share Inspire and Connect”.Building trust seems like doing these three things in live video.

Live stream video viewers feel more updated, involved, informed and excited compared with live TV viewers. This connection to content has significant implications for recognition, affinity and brand awareness.

For advanced live streaming video services for businesses to elevate their brand awareness, recognition or even likeability,

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The Ultimate Event Livestreaming Guide

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