Top 5 Tips to Create The Best Corporate Video For Your Social Media

14 February , 2023 by Rashida Saeed
Top 5 Tips to Create The Best Corporate Video For Your Social Media

Corporate videos are a powerful marketing tool in today’s social media-driven world. But with so many businesses creating them, how can you ensure that your video stands out?

Here are our top five tips for creating an engaging and effective corporate video:

Short and sweet

Creating an attention-grabbing corporate video is no easy feat. It’s important to keep videos short and sweet to make a lasting impression. Audiences have short attention spans, so they want you to get to the point quickly.

Luckily there are a few tips and tricks to ensure that you can quickly deliver a powerful message without sacrificing impactful visuals.

  1. Strive for 10-30 seconds of content. It will keep viewers interested and eager for more information.
  2. Identify key talking points and then use those when outlining the structure of the video before editing.
  3. Focus on one aim. Being too broad or ambitious might require time you don’t have, so keeping things organized can ensure your project stays within your desired time frame and doesn’t lose its edge or focus.

Follow these three simple steps, and you can keep your corporate videos short and sweet every time!

Visually Appealing

Making a corporate video for social media is intimidating – especially when trying to make it visually appealing. But one key element can help you create an eye-catching piece of content quickly and easily: photography.

Professional photography sets the tone for the entire video, making it look great and feel great. Having shots tailored explicitly to what the video is about can draw in viewers and show that your brand is serious about delivering quality content.

Use exciting transitions, colors, and soundscapes that match your company’s style for maximum impact. A 3D animation is also an option for more expensive productions. Whatever you do, avoid using just talking heads – bore.

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By carefully investing in high-quality photographs and design choices, you can create stunning corporate videos for social media that get people talking – and make sure everyone remembers who posted them.



Crafting innovative corporate videos for social media starts by having a story to tell. So before planning out your video, create an effective script that focuses on storytelling and not just marketing.

Think outside the traditional “talking head” script format by including customer testimonials, company culture footage, or even scripted scenes that market your product uniquely.

Use visuals and music to amplify the emotional aspect of your story, as this will leave a lasting impression on viewers and have them wanting more from your brand.

After finalizing the video’s production, optimize it for each social media platform you use. Optimizing your corporate video for the right platforms can increase engagement significantly.

As viewers continue to engage with your content, they will connect with your brand and develop trust in what you offer.

Branded Elements

Your corporate video is an excellent opportunity to showcase your brand identity through color schemes, fonts, logos, tag lines, and music selections that reflect your company’s overall aesthetic sensibility.

It is a great way to impact your message and reach potential new customers. In addition, branded elements give your video content an instantly recognizable identity and make it stand out from competitors.

These elements provide brand consistency across all of your digital media platforms. When strategically employed within the structure of a corporate video, branded elements can create loyalty.

You will surely see positive social media results with the consistent effort invested in incorporating branded elements into corporate videos.

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Know where you want to post your video (YouTube? or Facebook?) and any specific requirements (length limits, file type) in advance so that you can plan accordingly during production.

Genuine and Relatable

Through carefully crafted visuals, audio, and written content, corporate businesses can engage viewers in authentic conversations that resonate with their target market.

Here are a few steps in creating such videos:

  • Determine the purpose of the video and its intended audience. Then, consider how your customers want to be perceived and craft a message appropriate for the desired tone.
  • Create an outline for the content to structure ideas into a cohesive narrative.
  • Use original footage and photography to illustrate your brand’s story. 
  • Aim for quality sound design that adds depth to their message and text that resonates with your target market. By using authentic language and an enthusiastic tone, you can engage with customers on an emotional level.

When you put in the work to craft content that is meaningful, you can increase customer engagement and loyalty.

Humor Sparingly

Humor can be a powerful tool to engage viewers and help create relationships with potential partners and customers. However, it is important to use humor sparingly, as too much of it could adversely affect potential viewers.

When using humor in corporate videos, you should always consider who your audience is and what type of humor best resonates with them. It’s also essential to keep the content lighthearted and avoid making fun of anyone or anything that could appear offensive.

Also, avoid jokes that are too heavy on puns or sarcasm, as this can take away from the message you’re trying to convey and make it difficult for viewers to understand. Finally, when scripting a corporate video with humor, employ a diverse cast of actors or comedians so that many audiences feel included.

It could include people from different backgrounds and cultures, giving your video more depth and broadening its appeal. Also, consider including various visual gags, such as props or costumes, throughout the video to add fun without detracting from the core message.

Finally, when editing a video with humorous elements, ensure that the comedic timing is just right so that viewers can enjoy the material.

Bottom Line

Remember these tips when producing your next corporate video; we guarantee you’ll see better results! Need help getting started? Contact us today—we’re happy to chat about how we can bring YOUR story to life on screen!

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Top 5 Tips to Create The Best Corporate Video For Your Social Media

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