8 Ways 360 Product Photography Helps Boost eCommerce Sales

07 July , 2021 by Rashida Saeed
8 Ways 360 Product Photography Helps Boost eCommerce Sales

No matter what the current shopping trends are, buyers want to feel confident that they have found the right product at the right price. When it comes to eCommerce, customer experience is the perception customers create based on their interactions with your company. This is why creating a unique shopping experience is crucial.

Among the myriad other ways to enhance customer experience, creating a user-friendly product page that tells the customers everything they need to know about a product works great. And images are the best way to enhance a product page. 

Pictures paint a thousand words. With so many online competitors, you need to stand out from the crowd. Adding 360 product photographs can give users that extra push they need while making a purchase decision. Know why? That’s because you have given the buyer an image that enables them to virtually touch and feel your product. Here’s some more evidence showing how 360 product photography helps eCommerce brands sell more.

The numbers above are impressive, but why exactly is 360 product photography so effective in eCommerce sales? Let’s read further to answer this!

How 360 Product Photography Helps Boost Ecommerce Sales?

One of the major problems with selling online is that buyers can’t examine them as they would in person in a brick-and-mortar showroom. This makes it very difficult for them to press that final “Buy” button. Fortunately, there’s a way out to give the buyers a similar experience with 360 product photography. Let’s find out more.

  1. It allows buyers to interact with the product.

With a 360 product photo, buyers can rotate the product, zoom in and examine it from each angle in detail as they would have in-person. This gives them a real “hands-on” sense. They get enough information this way so they know what they are buying.

  1. It allows buyers to understand the product quality.

Having 360 product photos allows the buyers to understand its quality as well as functions. A 360 photo is made of a number of high-quality photos that represent the texture from different angles. This leaves no room for doubting the quality of the material used in the product. Apart from that, the user can also zoom in to take a closer look at other features such as zippers, buttons, seams, and so on.

  1. It improves a website’s ranking.

The time visitors spend on a website is one of the parameters that Google uses to rate the websites. If people spend a short time on a website Google considers it less useful as it shows users are not interested in its content. 360 product photography helps avoid low ratings. You may be wondering, how that’s possible? As the content is interactive, visitors spend more time with the image, examining it from all sides and exploring the details. This leads to a greater time spent on the website, which makes the Google algorithm consider it more useful, thus improving its ranking accordingly.

  1. It ensures fewer returns.

During online shopping, many people make impulse decisions while buying a product and when they don’t like the product, they return and request a refund. As an eCommerce business, you don’t want that to happen frequently. 360-degree product photos let the buyers see every side of an item before purchase. This makes them more confident while making their purchase so there is less chance of returns.

  1. It allows you to add image hotspots.

When you want to give detailed information, image hotspots are a thing of beauty for any eCommerce business. A hotspot can be assigned to specific areas of an image so that hovering over or clicking the hotspot will show additional information about it. You can add advantages of the features making it, even more, easier for the buyer to consider your product.

  1. It can also be optimized for mobile.

Since buyers are not only buying using their laptops or desktops but also their mobile phones, it’s important to give them the same experience there as well. 360 product photos can also be optimized for mobile browsing. A professional photographer can easily help you with producing mobile-centric 360 product photos. So, you can provide a seamless experience irrespective of the device the buyer is browsing your product from.

  1. It encourages people to buy your product.

Various studies have proven that 360 product photos compel people to checkout 55% more often when compared to regular product photos. That’s because the buyer is able to view the item from almost every angle allowing them to build a mental image of how it would look. Thus, making them more confident of their decision to click that “Buy” button.

  1. It’s cheaper than traditional product photography.

Got you alert? Yes, it’s true! Traditional product photography includes models, props, and locations in order to make the product more appealing. 360 product photos make this possible naturally by being interactive and allowing users to feel more. And secondly, you get at least 72 or more high-quality professional photos of your product that you can use anywhere on your website or social media channels.

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Wrapping Up on 360 Product Photography

360 product photography is the spark that’s needed to boost your eCommerce business. These photographs enable your shoppers to see what they will be spending their money on, before spending their hard-earned money. It also helps bridge the gap between a physical store and an online shopping experience. As a seller perhaps there is no more important aspect of your online presence than clear, beautiful, and faithful representations of your products. A brilliant 360 product photo speaks volumes about how brilliant what you are selling is.

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8 Ways 360 Product Photography Helps Boost eCommerce Sales

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