9 Benefits of Drone Photography in Commercial Real Estate Business

17 February , 2023 by Rashida Saeed
9 Benefits of Drone Photography in Commercial Real Estate Business

Drone photography has become increasingly popular in real estate. It is a great way to capture stunning images and videos of properties from angles that would otherwise be impossible or difficult to capture with a traditional camera.

In this blog post, we will explore the benefits of drone photography for commercial real estate businesses. 

What Is Drone Photography? 

Drone photography involves using a crewless aerial vehicle (UAV) to take aerial photographs from high altitudes. Drones are lightweight and easy to operate remotely with no pilot on board to evaluate various aspects of their property, such as condition, size, location, etc.

This technology helps assess difficult-to-reach areas or large properties with multiple components. 

Growing Popularity of Drone Photography in Real Estate

Commercial real estate has always been a thriving business, and it’s only getting bigger. With the rise of drone photography, businesses can now get a bird’s-eye view of their properties and potential investments.

Drone photography is becoming an invaluable tool for commercial real estate businesses that want to understand their projects better and maximize their profits.

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How Does Drone Photography Benefit Commercial Real Estate? 

Drone photography in commercial real estate offers many benefits for businesses that invest in technology. Most notably, it makes assessing properties more effortless and faster.

With detailed aerial images provided by drones, companies can make informed decisions about what properties are worth investing in or not.

Real estate companies can gain insights into the condition of existing buildings and other assets they own or may be interested in purchasing.

Also, they can use this information to plan renovations more efficiently and accurately than ever. 

Drone photography provides essential data that can help with marketing efforts for commercial real estate businesses.

For instance, companies can use drone photos to create stunning visuals that will draw customers’ attention toward particular pieces of property and help them understand why those properties are worth investing in.




Here are some of the most obvious benefits of drone photography in commercial real estate:

1. Aerial Perspective 

One of the primary advantages of drone photography for commercial real estate is its aerial perspective. Drones can fly up to 400 feet in the air and provide unique views of properties from hundreds of feet above ground level.

It gives potential buyers an entirely new perspective on a property they wouldn’t otherwise get from a traditional ground-level photo or video.

Drones can also take photos and videos of multiple properties at once, allowing potential buyers to compare them side by side without ever leaving their homes. 

2. Increased reach and exposure

Drone photography is becoming increasingly popular for businesses to showcase their properties to a broader audience. The ability to capture aerial footage and photos of a property provides potential buyers with a complete understanding of what the property looks like and can help to drum up interest in a listing.

Drone shots are best used to create marketing content that highlights the features and benefits of a property or development project. Commercial real estate businesses can use drone photography to reach a larger audience and expose their properties to more buyers and investors.

3. Reduced time and labor costs for documenting properties

Using drones for photography and videography allows real estate businesses to reduce the time and labor costs associated with documenting properties. Drones in real estate photography eliminates the need for expensive and time-consuming helicopter shoots. 

In addition, a single person can operate the drone, so there is no need for a team of people to document a property. It saves businesses time and labor costs in today’s economy.

4. Improved accuracy during property inspections

Drones can capture images from a much higher vantage point than traditional photography methods, allowing for a more accurate and detailed property inspection. In addition, because drones can fly closer to objects than a person on foot, you can capture more property in each photograph.

Drone photography in real estate has quickly become one of the most reliable and accurate methods for inspecting properties. It provides an accurate and detailed view of properties, which helps agents and buyers make better decisions about potential purchases.

5. Marketing collaterals

Drones are changing the way real estate marketing is done. You are no more waiting for those perfect aerial shots of your property for days or weeks. Instead, you can get drones immediately, making creating stunning marketing collateral easier.

6. Easier Land Surveys

Drones are a great way to survey land for potential development projects because they are quick, efficient, and can get into tight spaces.

They can also help you save money by allowing you to get a comprehensive view of the property without sending someone out on a helicopter or plane.

7. Cost-Effective Option 

Another benefit of using drones for commercial real estate is that it is much more cost effective than traditional methods such as aerial photography or helicopter rides.

Drone photography saves businesses money on equipment costs because they only need one piece of equipment instead of multiple pieces like they would need for aerial photography or helicopter rides. In addition, drone pilots can work quickly and efficiently, which helps keep costs down.               

8. Safety Considerations 

Safety is essential when considering photography for commercial real estate businesses. Drones are smaller than helicopters; they pose less risk regarding safety hazards, such as crashing into buildings or people below them.

As long as drone operators follow the proper protocols and obey all applicable laws, they can safely and effectively capture stunning imagery for potential buyers putting no one at risk.

9. A new perspective

The popularity of drones with each passing day is due, in part, to the amazing footage they can capture from high up in the sky. This footage gives businesses a new perspective on their commercial real estate ventures.

Aerial photography can help you stand out from competitors by providing unique and visually stunning images of your properties. In addition, these images are best for advertising, marketing, and legal purposes.

Businesses that invest in drone photography will be able to show off their properties in a new light, which could be the edge they need to stay ahead of the competition.

Bottom Line

Drone photography is quickly becoming an essential tool for many commercial real estate businesses today. With its ability to provide detailed aerial images quickly and affordably, it’s no wonder this technology is becoming so popular among companies looking to maximize profits through accurate assessment and effective marketing strategies.

With top-of-the-line drones and experienced staff, Studio52 can capture amazing aerial footage of your properties that will impress your clients and help you sell them faster. Contact us today to learn more about our services and see some of our past work.


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9 Benefits of Drone Photography in Commercial Real Estate Business

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