Why Is Construction Photography Needed For Your Next Billion Dollar Project?

04 April , 2023 by Rashida Saeed
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If you own a profitable business venture, you probably have heard of construction photography. It’s not only used to make time-lapse videos but is beneficial on so many levels! By having photo monitoring in place, you’re not only thinking about safety, but of marketing, achieving a unique voice, and even legal matters! 

Here at Studio52, we use the best techniques and equipment to capture long-term duration construction processes to market your business and for some other valuable reasons. 

Let’s see what they are!



Safety incidents can occur at any given time, and your construction cameras will take photographs either during or after the incident and will have a clear date and time data included. That way your engineers can analyze the safety issues and recognize opportunities to improve right on the spot! If the accident was a result of a design or quality of the build, your designers can resolve them without even being present on-site!

Record Problems

With construction photographs, you’ll have a clear view of any other problems that influence or create costs on your expensive project. You can see if there are any on-site access restrictions, if the client is messing with operative parts, or if there are any saboteurs on the project. 

A construction site is a place where many contractors and subcontractors work in unison. If any of these factors mess up, they can place the blame on others as it’s usually the case. However, with the backing of photography, now you have evidence of any misbehaviors that you can send directly to those companies. 


It’s now more evident than ever that photographs are becoming a crucial part of official resources too. They can or are often included with inspection cards or checklists too. Almost every maintenance or work order software has the picture option with any task — it’s because the visual evidence is the most reliable one of the quality requirements and status.


In that manner, photographs are great for recording the condition of buildings and structures or when a certain part is handed down to the next contractor. 

Asset Status

As soon as the equipment arrives at the site, you should have photographic evidence of its condition when at the time it arrived. These pictures should have evidence of all damaged parts, tires, chains, or anything else that you may be blamed for. Also, include the date and the time of the photographs taken. 

Many vendors and other suppliers will take photographic evidence of equipment or products making it safely to the address. All of the materials and products should be photographed too so if there are any damages at the point of arrival, you can report them directly to the supplier! 


Photographs aren’t only used to create those flashy time-lapse videos. But depending on the scope of your project can be used for newsletters, reports, news stories, billboards and to show everyone how your project is developing and where it stands! People, other businesses, and  future stakeholders like to hear and talk about the new player in the scene, and you definitely don’t want to miss out on this opportunity. 

Of course, these photographs shouldn’t show incidents, unsafe practices, or messy workplaces as then they can be used to create the counter effect. 


These pictures can be used to show your expertise and inside of your company portfolio. Of course, you’d want them professionally retouched so they show a clean and great workplace — to put your best foot forward you can always use a professional service for this

Also, you can use these pictures to enter magazine competitions for some free PR. Imagine, your project and company are featured on a front page of a famous magazine — now, this can create some new business and get even more outlets to talk about your company! 

Improved Business Quotes

Of course, your photographs should be used when pitching your next big project. And on your price submissions and proposals. You’d want to show the potential client what you’ve been previously doing and what are the results. All of this strong evidence can boost their trust and make them push their funds toward your projects. After all, if it was a billion-dollar project, then you should include that in your resume! 


With all being said, a photograph certainly can be worth a thousand words and in this sense millions of dollars! So you don’t want this aspect of your business to turn to chance. Higher pros who can make it worth your while. 

Here at Studio52, we do it all photography and video-wise. So, if you need a photography solution with the option of monitoring and promoting your projects, you should contact us with confidence that you’ll receive photographic evidence you’ll proudly share with others!


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Why Is Construction Photography Needed For Your Next Billion Dollar Project?

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