Aerial Photography with Drones

31 August , 2021 by Rashida Saeed
Aerial Photography with Drones - Studio52

Aerial photography captures the essence of immense construction and real estate projects and is a beautiful addition to the world of photography. Technically, aerial photography is the technique of photographing the earth’s surface or features of its atmosphere or hydrosphere with cameras mounted on aircraft, rockets or Earth-orbiting satellites, or other spacecraft. Nowadays, with the extensive use of drones, aerial photography fulfills commercial objectives like stunning visuals for construction, industrial, and real estate sectors which use them as documents of project progress or as visuals for marketing collaterals or online social media channels. Truly, drones provide stunning photographs that lure customers and keep prominent construction company stakeholders updated on a particular project’s progress.

Below, we will discuss some facets of photography in business that will prove a real game-changer in the commercial sector.

Best practices for aerial photography using drones

  • Most drone sensors like compact cameras or cameras on most high-end phones nowadays. The dynamic range of such cameras is limited, and low light performance is not excellent. The resolution is not more than 16-20 MP.
  • The majority of drone cameras come with wide-angle lenses. They have fixed focal lengths. One can take fantastic aerial photographs within these limitations.
  • It’s always better to capture photographs with drones from a height of 100ft-150 ft. 
  • We get an interesting perspective with a clear horizon of images by flying lower.
  • With a drone-mounted camera, it’s always better to shoot in automatic mode and rely on the inbuilt auto-mode functions of the camera.
  • Using 3 step bracketing is also a great feature of drone cameras as one gets three options for every shot taken. Finally, one can choose the best picture or can blend them using post-processing software. 
  • Neutral density filters can control shutter speeds on drone cameras. Polarising filters can cut reflections or the harshness of the sun rays.
  • The camera is tilted downwards to keep the drone blades out of the picture frame.

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Commercial applications of aerial photography

  • Capturing stunning visuals from the sky of the earth has its high. However, aerial photography has large-scale commercial applications and is vastly rewarding for the photographer-likewise compelling from a marketing standpoint.
  • Aerial photography of real estate imparts a more precise understanding of the property. It shows the neighborhood and facilities available and increases the chances of a sale manifold.
  • Using drones for aerial photography of ski and snowboarding is possible and provides a distant and clear view of all sports. Today there isn’t a need of fixing multiple cameras on different locations during a racing or sports event. 
  • Drones from remote mode can capture the moves of the sportsman at different periods.

In the industrial sector, aerial photography, drone videography has extensive applications. Spectacular pictures from the skies of large manufacturing plants or construction projects under progress give ample material for marketing online or provide updates of projects under progress to concerned stakeholders.

Drones are revolutionizing the face of aerial photography services in every way. Expect many amazing images to be shot in the coming times as more and more techniques evolve for the business.

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