Time Lapse Video Production: The Crucial Corporate Marketing Tool

07 May , 2023 by Rashida Saeed
Time Lapse Video Production

With 52% of companies leveraging the power of video marketing to educate their audience, businesses are constantly recognizing its value and high impact in the marketing landscape. In today’s digital era, video marketing is a powerful source for educating audiences, engaging with stakeholders, spreading product awareness, etc. 

However, the scope of video marketing expands beyond just engaging or educating. According to the latest stats from Dash, video marketing has a 54% retention rate (higher than any other promotional media), depicting its true potential in bringing the most ROI and leads.

One of the often overlooked mediums in corporate video marketing is time lapse videos. These videos are visually compelling, making them highly effective in building credibility and conveying complex information concisely. Read further to learn about time lapse videos and how they transform your business communications. 

How Time Lapse Videos Escalate Your Corporate Marketing Efforts?

Establishing trust and building relationships are fundamental aspects of corporate marketing. Timelapse videos help you achieve these goals by leveraging powerful visual storytelling, building credibility, and creating an authentic brand image. 

1. Capture the interest of potential clients and partners:

Timelapse videos are highly engaging. Their good visual appeal helps to effectively communicate the brand’s message. Fast-moving motion graphics quickly gauge the interest of the potential clients or partners and by extension, boost the company’s conversions and ROI. 

2. Establishing trust through transparency:

Showcasing the raw footage and every step in the process creates transparency about the business functioning and helps build more trust in the clientele. Whether it’s showcasing the construction progress of a building, the development of a new product, or the setup of a corporate event, time lapse videos promise transparency and work ethics, instilling confidence in potential clients and partners.

3. Communicate your mission, vision, and values in a visually appealing manner:

Time lapse videos are powerful storytelling tools that can effectively convey your brand’s story, values, and mission. By curating a compelling narrative through visuals, one can engage with the stakeholders on an emotional level, building a stronger connection and relationship with them.

4. Highlighting achievements and milestones:

In corporate marketing, highlighting achievements and milestones is crucial in establishing credibility and trust with potential clients and partners. For instance, showcasing an important project or a new product launch through a time lapse video allows stakeholders to witness the progress and efforts invested. This keeps the stakeholders informed, and fosters trust and credibility in business relationships. 

5. Conveying your unique value proposition:

Conveying a unique value proposition involves creativity, where a combination of time lapse videos with drone footage, testimonial videos, before-after footage, etc., can create a narrative of the company’s unique selling proposition. This approach showcases behind-the-scenes footage of the work in time lapse, allowing investors and stakeholders to understand it better and differentiate the company from competitors.  

6. Enhancing engagement and recall:

Time lapse videos are a powerful tool in corporate marketing strategies, offering a visually compelling way to convey information. Time lapse videos captivate viewers’ attention and leave a lasting impression by condensing lengthy processes or events into concise, fast-paced sequences. The dynamic nature of time lapse footage intrigues audiences and facilitates information retention, making it more likely for viewers to remember critical details about the brand or message.

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Time Lapse Video Ideas for Corporate Marketing in 2024 

Time lapse videos have endless applications in corporate marketing. From event coverage and brand storytelling to product demonstrations and launches, they offer versatile applications and opportunities to enhance business reputation and client relationships. Targeted time lapse videos are created with the purpose of attracting the interest of potential clients or partners, using project progress videos to pitch new clients, and more.  

Construction progress: 

Time lapse videos showcase the construction progress of a building, infrastructure project, or renovation. Many construction companies utilise this method to document their work and demonstrate project milestones. This visual documentation provides transparency and insight into the construction process, allowing stakeholders to track progress and observe the evolution of the project. Additionally, businesses outside of the construction industry can utilise time lapse videos to showcase renovations or facility upgrades, highlighting their commitment to maintaining a modern and functional workspace for their team. 

Event setup:

Record the setup process of a corporate event, a trade show booth, or a conference. This type of video creates a sense of transparency and authenticity. Additionally, one can attract partnerships that support similar values. 

Team Studio 52 created a similar time lapse video with Sephora when they opened a new store in Dubai. These videos are suitable for corporate relations and can create a product appeal for the customers by offering insights into the brand’s dedication to quality and professionalism. This ensures that two purposes are served simultaneously with a one-time production cost. 


Product development: 

Document the development process of a new product, from the concept to prototype to final production. For example, Tesla exemplified this approach by creating a time-lapse video showcasing the Model 3 electric sedan.

Regardless of the industry or company size, leveraging time lapse videography to showcase a product development process can enhance brand credibility and engage the audience. In a service business like construction, event management, or even interior design, one can promote their brand by demonstrating a glimpse of the processes/executions.  

Office expansion or renovation: 

Capture the transformation of your office space through a time lapse video, whether it’s an expansion, renovation, or redesign. This can demonstrate a company’s growth and investment in its infrastructure. This can be particularly impactful for attracting top talent and reinforcing your brand.

Team collaboration: 

Record a time lapse video of a team brainstorming session, collaboration meeting, or project planning session. This can showcase the company’s teamwork and creative problem-solving skills.

Manufacturing process: 

Using a time lapse video, show the manufacturing process of the products, from raw materials to finished goods. This can highlight a company’s efficiency, precision, and commitment to quality control. Time lapse video ideas also motivate team members as employees can revisit the video to see how far they have come. 

Training or onboarding:

Create a time lapse video of a training session or employee onboarding process. This can illustrate a company’s commitment to employee development and continuous learning. By adopting the time lapse strategy, one can come across as a supportive and forward-thinking employer, building trust among the current and potential employees. This way, the right talent will be attracted to the company and boost its growth.

In fact, time lapse video has really been in popularity over the past few years due to the widespread availability and cost-effective digital cameras. As business are investing multi-million dollars to establish businesses onto digital platform, timelapse video here is a one way solution comprised of solar powered HD camera system that captures high quality videos and Hi-Res pictures.

Business Productivity through Time Lapse Videos:

Constructional business

If you’re into constructional business, time lapse video is the productive source to implement. As constructional projects require up to the mark accuracy, quality, and monitoring throughout the project; having time lapse constructional video is beneficial tool that captures complete work process and enable you take further plan of action accordingly, so there remains zero possibility of misleading in the ongoing project.  

construction video production

Product-Based Business

Even if you’re into product-based business and aiming to enhance product sales; by capturing each & every activity, time lapse video production can let you know up to what extent your products or services are receiving attention.

Getting every single moment captured through time lapse video equipment would be productive while organizing events for your product launching, trade shows, conventions, or even at exhibitions.

time lapse video maker

Lastly, time lapse videos are one of the fastest growing mediums to enhance business productivity. All you need is creating trust among the end users so as to turn your business into valuable brand.


Big brands like Tesla and Sephora are excellent case studies of successfully incorporating time lapse videos into corporate marketing strategies. You can also unlock the full potential of time lapse videography by capturing event setup, business meetings, product development, and more.  

When you execute time lapse video production correctly, it becomes a powerful tool for attracting potential clients, establishing trust, and building credibility. So, instead of relying on outdated marketing strategies, incorporate time lapse videography to escalate your corporate marketing efforts.

Explore how the Studio 52 team of professionals and experts have helped well-renowned companies like Nestle, CCED, SNOC, and Alcazar in the last 45 years of its service. Elevate your corporate marketing initiatives and captivate your audience through our time lapse videography services. Visit our website or contact our experts today to learn more.


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Time Lapse Video Production: The Crucial Corporate Marketing Tool

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