5 Ways to Perk Up Safety Training at Workplace

30 June , 2022 by Rashida Saeed
5 Ways to Perk Up Safety Training at Workplace

Safety training is significant for companies to ensure that their employees have all the required knowledge of what needs to be done on the job when working amidst hazardous circumstances. Employee safety training plays an important role in every operation. Adequate knowledge in the area can help prevent workplace injuries and result in a safe working environment for all. 

Knowledge gaps in safety can not only result in injuries (small or severe) but also result in the company facing financial crises and reputation ruining as well. Companies and employees both can miss on a lot of things if the training videos didn’t get their full attention or if they didn’t understand the content. This is the reason that companies should have a special team that especially works towards making employee safety a priority for the company. This team should regularly take care of safety training. 

An outdated approach to safety cannot always result in satisfactory results, this is why businesses should keep doing things to improve safety at the workplace. Below are the five things that companies can do to improve workplace safety:

Understanding hazardous situations at the workplace: 

The foremost thing that employers need to do when it comes to employee safety is to figure out the situations in the workplace that can prove dangerous for their employees. A thorough job hazard analysis (JHA) needs to be done to understand the areas that are hazardous. Once this is in place, companies can then work on reducing injuries by training their employees accordingly. And the same time ensuring that this training happen periodically, so the information is fresh in the employees’ minds. 

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Understanding employee needs:

The best way employees will be interested in safety training and take it seriously is when these videos keep them in mind. Companies should always keep employee preferences in mind. For example, if a certain employee wants more theory than practical or if a particular worker is more experienced than everyone else, so on and so forth. 

This can be achieved if the company has good communication with its employees and understands their needs thoroughly.

Reassess training videos:

This is basically performing training video analysis. Employee safety training videos are the first thing that employees need to understand before starting their work in the field. However, the safety training videos that companies showed to their employees years ago, might not be relevant enough for the newer workers in this day and age. This is the reason that businesses should identify gaps. The videos need to be revised from time-to-time catering to the new processes or if new equipment or chemical is added to the job. And while the new employees are mandated to take this training, even the older employees should be shown these to understand the new ideas. 

Testing employee knowledge:

While companies do their work of training their employees through safety induction videos, the job is still not done unless the workers have actually understood what it conveys. Health and safety training is a crucial business for companies and to identify if employees have all the knowledge about it, businesses should keep testing their employees from time to time. Doing this ensures that the employees are well-versed with their familiarity with safety and can take action with employees who still aren’t fully aware of it. 

Keeping a thorough track of the training metrics:

Employee safety training videos not only give employees the knowledge of health and safety procedures but also aid them in developing skills and altering behaviour to be alert in times of danger. Even after the company gives safety training to its workers on a continual basis, it is important to also keep track of this progress from time to time. 

This can be achieved by having safety metrics or key performance indicators (KPIs) that aid in evaluating the efficiency of the training. Companies should note the behaviour and workplace habits of employees before and after the training to understand if the safety training videos had any positive effects.



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5 Ways to Perk Up Safety Training at Workplace

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