OSHA Safety Training Video for Workplaces

23 September , 2021 by Rashida Saeed
OSHA Safety Training Video for Workplaces

Millions of workers are required to wear respirators in various workplaces around the globe. The respirator acts as a device to protect workers in work environments deficient in oxygen or replete with harmful dust, fog, mists, smog, sprays, vapours and gases. Constant exposure without any protective gear to these sorts of environments results in cancer, diseases, lung impairments or death. Organisations must comply with the OSHA Respiratory Protection Standard, which helps avoid fatalities and thousands of illnesses annually.

How does a Respirator work?

A respirator protects the user in two ways. Firstly, it removes contaminants from the air. Such respirators include the particulate variety, which filters out the airborne particles, and the air-purifying sort with cartridges and canisters, which filter out chemicals and gases. Other types of respirators protect by supplying clean respirable air from another source. They are airline respirators that use compresses air from a remote start and SCBAs, which contain breathing apparatus with their air supply.

Respiratory Protection Training Videos

OSHA provides tips through a variety of training videos related to respiratory protection at workplaces. These videos are more relevant today during a Covid-19 scenario, and videos also cover topics that elaborate on protecting employees from the lethal pandemic and the subsequent spread. Topics covered include 

  • Fit Testing
  • Medical evaluation
  • Respiratory protection in general industries
  • Types of respirators
  • The voluntary use of respirators
  • The use of respirators in the construction industry
  • Requirements of training
  • The respiratory protection of healthcare workers
  • The differences between respirators and surgical masks
  • Donning and doffing
  • Identification of counterfeit respirators
  • Maintenance and care
  • OSHA respiratory protection standards

However, if you want to create customised safety training videos for your organisation, Studio 52 is there to help you. A pioneer in premier audio-visual content production, Studio 52 has a clientele that goes northwards of 3000 and has successfully partnered with organisations, big and small, to create safety training videos for their workplaces. 

OSHA has made it mandatory that it is the responsibility of the current employer to impart work-site specific training. It is equally significant that workers can demonstrate the knowledge to safely and adequately use a respirator.

The company must train you to use a respirator, but it is not the only time that training is required. Training is mandatory every 12 months as annual retraining ensures that your memory is refreshed with the information and the skills to use a respirator correctly and safely.

Safety videos customised for your specific industry and organisation serves the purpose of training your employees.

The fundamentals of safety retraining by OSHA

Studio 52 also creates retraining videos as mandated by OSHA. Retraining comes into the picture when the employee changes his company, in which case his workplace changes. It is also compulsory if the employee changes the type of respirator he uses -in that scenario, his previous training is outdated. Specifically, retraining is required if

  • In the case of a new assignment where the workplace has different respiratory hazards compared to the earlier one
  • The worker forgets his earlier training which is often the scenario if the respirator is only used a few times in a year.
  • If the supervisor notes that the employees are not using the respirator in a proper manner

Training portability is accepted from employer to employer within 12 months, and exemption comes into play from basic respirator training.

Get engaging and meaningful safety training from Studio52

Studio 52’s safety training videos are the best and stand out from the rest. Our videos help your employees to work safely and smartly

  • We have an in-house expert team of professional videographers, scriptwriters and other technicians. Their combined experiences of creating safety training videos for multiple industries and companies ensure that your output is best-in-class.
  • Training videos communicate according to specific applications, your company’s policies and procedures, and OSHA guidelines.
  • Our training videos use both animations and human characters depending on the client’s needs and training situations.
  • Our turnaround times are the least with the best quality video production standards.

If you want to commission an OSHA-compliant Safety Training Video for your workplace,

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OSHA Safety Training Video for Workplaces

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