Safety Video – 7 Best Workplace Safety Videos: To Inspire Safety at Work

11 March , 2024 by Rashida Saeed
Workplace Safety Videos

Over 2.2 million people die annually from work-related causes, including an average of 6,000 deaths each day from illnesses or accidents at work.

The number of deaths in the workplace is a clear indicator of how important it is to educate workers about workplace safety, and the best education comes through visuals. According to Scribbling Media, visuals can convey a business’s success 60,000 times faster than dull presentations or paperwork.

If you want to succeed in your industry, prioritising powerful workplace safety training videos is necessary. In this article, we have covered the top 7 best workplace safety videos you can deploy to educate your employees effectively.

Read on to make your workspace safer and more productive.

1. Lifting Operation Safety Video

Studio 52 can produce a highly informative lifting operation safety video for your workplace explaining the life-saving rules for individuals working in or around a lifting operation process. The video aims to convey the need for constant vigilance when working with heavy machinery, highlighting the potential hazards of such operations.

The video prioritises the importance of conducting risk assessments, implementing procedural controls, obtaining work permits, and having emergency response plans. It has a runtime of approximately four minutes and is highly recommended for construction workers and supervisors looking to ensure the safety of their employees.

Increasing workplace fatalities have led to a 20% surge in demand for workplace safety videos. Learn more about best practices for safety videos in the Oil and Gas industry here and promote healthy workers in your industry.

2. Life-Saving Rules When Driving for CEER

This video aims to explain the importance of driver and vehicle safety. Driving is one of the critical activities in how we do our daily business. But, at the same time, it’s the one that’s often overlooked in terms of safety.

So, in this video, workers will understand the importance of wearing PPE, such as belts, helmets, etc., and inspecting the vehicle before using it. The video highlights speed limits to maintain a safe distance to prevent collisions, address the possible dangers of working in that industry, etc., in under four minutes!

Life-Saving Rules video is ideal for anyone dealing with transport activities, both as employee training and as an operational safety video!

3.Safety & Training Video for Oil Tanking

Safety & Training video by Studio 52 highlights the importance of incorporating safety video while training. 

These videos can be used to fulfill multiple purposes, including demonstrating task performance, consistently training employees, highlighting potential hazards in the workplace, etc. At the same time, the video also shows how this system helps driver and pedestrian safety in just under a minute-long video! 

Forklift Camera Video is a must for anyone working in warehousing, be it as a manager, a safety engineer, or a regular driver wanting to impact his workplace positively.

4.Occupational Safety at Grey Wolf

Wolf has taken a great leap at ensuring their worker’s safety. Too often, occupational hazards come because of poorly implemented procedures, and Grey Wolf wanted to ensure their employees were well educated. They collaborated with Studio 52 to produce Occupation Safety videos for their industry.

In this animated video, we explain the entire safety process a single Grey Wolf employee undergoes in their working day, from checking in with their supervisor and medical staff to not taking any third-party commands, except for GreyWolf supervisors. 

It further explains how workers are responsible for analysing each dangerous situation independently, placing the power of responsibility on their workers. This is how a strong employer creates a loyal and empowered workforce. 

This is a video that anyone in the oil and construction industry should adhere to and look to emulate in their own company! 

Animated videos can help educate your workers about safety and precautions in your industry. Read here to learn how our animated videos can help you!

5.Lesson Learnt Video for Schlumberger

Lesson Learnt videos adopt a realistic way of presenting what can happen if only a single moment of poor focus occurs during a job. Using this video, we showed how a driver starts typing a message while driving, and in another moment, the scene ends with a bloody crash. It is a very effective way to get anyone startled and make them think about their life actions in under a minute.

This video is perfect for any employer dealing with careless drivers or vehicle operators. It can also be used as a reminder for employees to keep safety regulations on high priority. The lesson learned video will outline the responsibilities of employees to ensure their safety and the safety of their colleagues.

According to statistics from MOHRE, in 2022, approximately 1,100 workplace accidents were reported. Avoid such accidents with our custom safety training videos.

6.CCED Safe System of Work

CCED wanted to teach their employees the basic rules to help everyone employ safety in their line of duty. They wanted a short animated video, so they chose Studio 52 to help them.

This video aims to convey life-saving rules, a ‘Safe System of Work’. We further break down this system into best practice checks and routines that help people make it out without harm at the end of their work day.

It all begins by planning, performing safety checks, learning the basics of performing work safely, and handing over their work unit to the next person in line with safety in mind.

The Safe System of Work video conveys the importance of safe work procedures and the various safety-related factors, such as competent and authorised teams, controlling and identifying ignition sources, etc.

So, if you want to maximise your company’s productivity, eliminate hazardous factors and promote workplace safety. This video is a perfect formula for ensuring industrial safety among workers and other stakeholders.

7.ARO Drilling Cares

ARO Drilling is a company striving to protect both their workers and the environment they’re working in, so they chose Studio 52 to help them demonstrate the importance of safety in a work environment like theirs.

In this short video, we used animation to show how unsafely work checks are handled on-site. Additionally, it explains how workers should report unsafe routines and deal with emergency alarms and sirens immediately. A successful safety video demonstrated the severe importance of safety measures to save lives and businesses through visuals.

Why Should You Deploy Our Safety Videos in Your Industry?

Educating employees through videos is one of the most effective methods since visuals retain longer than texts and speech. Videos can inspire employees to think about safety in new ways, highlight potential hazards, and demonstrate best safety practices in the workplace.

So if you’re still wondering how safety videos can benefit your industry, here are some reasons why you should deploy safety videos in your industry;

  • Increases awareness to identify and mitigate potential risks.
  • Offers standardised training across all employees.
  • Reduces costs compared to in-person training sessions.
  • Contributes to building a safety-conscious culture.
  • Valuable for internal audits, external inspections, and legal inquiries.
  • Utilises visuals, simulations, and real-life scenarios for effective communication.


In conclusion, workplace safety is of paramount importance for any organisation. Investing in safety measures protects employees from harm and ensures business continuity and productivity. So, whether you’re a manager, supervisor, or employee, these videos will leave a lasting impact and help you make your workplace safer.

So, if you are ready to achieve new heights in your success, try Studio 52 to produce high-quality, impactful videos with the help of highly trained professionals and advanced equipment. Studio 52 has expertise in creating different safety training videos, including equipment handling, safety induction, lessons learned, 2D & 3D animation safety videos, and more. We have worked with a diverse range of clients and gained valuable insights into the working of workplace safety actions. So, we assure you that our safety videos will communicate the right message through the right visuals.

Despite improvements in workplace safety, fatalities still occur. Avoid such casualties with our easy-to-understand safety videos.
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What are the five steps to a safer workplace?

Several crucial steps should be taken to establish a safer workplace conducive to increased productivity and employee well-being. First, eliminate physical and chemical hazards from the workplace. Utilise compelling safety videos for comprehensive worker training, particularly in warehouse settings. Regularly inspect and maintain equipment and cumbersome machinery. Reinforce safety practices with visual boards throughout the workspace. Finally, conduct frequent improvement and feedback sessions to enhance safety measures and address evolving concerns continually. Collectively, these measures contribute to fostering a secure and productive work environment.

What are the four tips for staying safe at work?

Follow these four fundamental safety tips to ensure workplace protection:
Never over-speed your vehicle
Conduct regular equipment inspection
Use safety accessories such as forklift cameras, safety lighting, etc.
Offer induction safety videos to new employees.

How can we improve safety?

Maintaining safety in industries such as oil & gas is crucial, and one must regularly make changes and promote safety practice at work!
So, to improve workplace safety, create a safety outline and distribute it among employees. Then, assign safety responsibilities to individuals and hold them accountable for regular safety needs. Ask your employees to report even minor accidents. Then, install safety cameras to monitor operations in hazardous areas. Lastly, promote work-life balance and allow regular rest periods and breaks to enhance employees’ focus.

Why is safety important?

Prioritising proactive health measures at the workplace, especially in hazardous industries like oil & gas, construction, mining, transportation & logistics, etc., should be paramount. In such dangerous work environments, safety should be prioritised at all times. It is crucial for maintaining the company’s productivity, minimising healthcare expenses, preventing loss of human resources, and, most importantly, saving lives.


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