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We talk a lot about the importance of good communication, here at Studio52. A key ingredient to any successful relationship, strong communication is necessary between a company and its clients in order for long lasting loyalty to occur. There are, of course, numerous methods by which a business owner can secure new customers.

After all, it’s often said that the best type of promotion is the type that’s done by word-of-mouth. When a happy customer tells others about a rich experience, it goes a long way in securing that business a larger client base. With that said, it’s important to make good impressions every time your customers call. Whether they are new or existing clients, the customer experience needs to be top-notch, time in and time out.

You may sometimes experience a high call volume (does that sound familiar?) and have to keep callers on hold. Hold time, it needs to be noted, is a very important time for your business.

But how can you do that? Of course, in many cases, businesses simply play music for the holding caller. In other cases, companies choose to run verbal advertisements. Here are four reasons why on hold messages are so important.

  1. CROSS-SELL Yes you read it correct..! Existing Products and/or Services, by maximizing the use of the on hold feature of your phone system, increasing productivity and sales.
  1. They keep the caller from hanging up 7 out of every 10 callers are placed on hold (according to an AT&T study), it’s important to consider what you’re on hold program says and how often you change the information presented. Some callers hearing nothing think they were hung up on, while others become more frustrated by the wait. A study found that callers who had information to listen to remained on hold up to three minutes longer. 
  1. They present your company as professional If the caller is a first time caller, remember, you cannot make a second first impression. Your professional image is literally on the line when callers are placed on hold. Make a good first impression.

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