Giving Voice to Your Business Ambitions

Giving Voice to Your Business Ambitions

11 July , 2017 by admin
Giving Voice to Your Business Ambitions

We are living in a world that is called the era of revolution. Everyday new technologies, new ways of promotions and new approaches to clients are taking place and every business that want to crake the deals has to give their promotion a fresh approach.

Studio 52, being one of the leading audio visual system companies in Saudi Arabia provides all the audio and video solutions to nurture your brand. We have a lot to talk about our offerings, but today we will see audio solutions in business. Major services from our audio production studio include:

  • Telephone Hold Message

Audio solutions curated by Studio 52 give your business an opportunity to handle calls with efficiency, accuracy and professionalism. Our telephone hold messages are designed and executed in a way that leaves your customers satisfied.

  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Being a prominent digital audio company of Dubai and entire Saudi Arabia, we understand your business requirement precisely and produce customized IVR that interacts with caller and guide them with the precise information in a pleasant manner. And if you need we can connect callers with a customer care representative who can solve the query in the most satisfactory way.

  • Multilingual Language Dubbing

Team Studio 52 dubs messages in different languages without losing the authenticity of the message and originality of different language.

  • Audio Books

We as an audio company in Dubai are highly experienced in making the story more appealing by adding thrill, drama and suspense with perfect pauses and pace. We make the experience of listening to stories of all genres of books such as fiction, non-fiction, DIY, self-improvement, spiritual, education, professional courses and more alive and enthralling with excellent voiceovers. 

  • Radio Commercial

As radio commercials don’t have any visual support, it’s very crucial to present your message in an appealing way. Thus, we have mastered the art and science of radio commercial. We turn the information into interactive content with attention detail that influences buyers in making their decision in your favor.

  • Promoburst

Promoburst is an opportunity to promote your service, product or offer when you put callers on hold. Promobursts created by us are response evoking and at the same time empower you to extend brand loyalty by inviting them to try your other services.

Why Studio 52?

studio 52

As you know, we have versatile experience of more than 4 decades and a team of professionals who take every step that work in the favor of your brand. But apart from that, while purely talking about audio production we have many reasons for which you can choose us in Saudi Arabia for audio production services.

  • Innovative message
  • Extensive library of background sound
  • Voice over in 20+ languages and plenty of dialects
  • Specialized in multi-lingual communication for a wide spectrum of industries
  • Precise modulation of tones to strike the right chord of emotions
  • Embedded with special sound effects to keep the listener intrigued
  • Delivery in short turn-around time

We are one of the renowned audio visual integration companies in Dubai and entire Saudi Arabia, and we have a lot to offer to make your business successful. Are you ready to begin success journey for your business? If yes, then connect with us at

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Giving Voice to Your Business Ambitions