Empowering Future Female Leaders: A Candid Session with Studio52’s Director Rashida Saeed

18 October , 2021 by Rashida Saeed
Empowering Future Female Leaders: A Candid Session with Studio52’s Director Rashida Saeed

Throughout history, UAE women have proven their willpower and resilience in countless critical moments. Women in UAE have led industries, made history, inspired change, and left a lasting impact on their communities. From leading an army to launching a rocket company, these women are at the height of achieving the extraordinary.

The business world has made tremendous strides to ensure more and more women reach the C-suite in the Arab world, but many still struggle with low self-confidence. So how do you overcome that? How can you thrive in a leadership position and how to get to the top executive level? Our Studio52 Group Director Rashida Saeed answered all this and more!

Journey to the Leadership

Rashida Saeed always knew she wanted to get into business and studied accounting at one of the top business schools in India. She started her career at Studio52 as a Product Manager.

In the early days, not many Arab women like Rashida worked outside the home, especially in the field of accounting. Being in the managerial role meant she was responsible for devising strategies geared towards augmenting business, developing new markets, and promoting products for business excellence. After her stellar performance in her role, she not only earned respect from her coworkers but also went on to become the Account Manager and later the Director of Studio52 Media and Technology Group.

“Woman is a unique extension of Man, we know how to love, achieve, focus and reach to the stars. We are limitless until we believe in ourselves. My Journey has been amazing through different stages and the more I believed in myself the better I could achieve in life. Nothing remains forever ONLY YOU WILL!! Keep Loving Yours and Yourself. SUCCESS will follow!! Always BE YOU!” — Excerpt from the book Making HER story Again by Aleifiya Netterwala.

Shaping the Future Goals

Being ambitious is something I do not want to stop. It gives me a sense of satisfaction. Being able to inspire young women to take on leadership roles is one of my proudest accomplishments. I hope to continue making decisions that will have a positive impact on the community, employees, and the world around us.

On a professional level as an account director of Studio52 Group, we are looking forward to increasing our clientele base in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Australia, and other countries across the world.

Thoughts on Empowering Future Female Leaders

Eagles SOAR as they always FOCUS on their GOALS!

I believe that to reach the top a woman has to be like an eagle — brave, courageous, honorable, determined, and graceful. You have to remain patient but ever-present with your eyes to the future, while also taking note of the present surroundings. You must have a clear vision that leads your team towards the company’s goals.

If you are just beginning your career, you need to have a plan. Think through and figure out what you want and go for it. Take your time, don’t rush through a decision that you would regret. Be bold with your goals and set deadlines to meet them.

In a world dominated by men, true confidence in yourself can take time to grow. If you are confident about something project that confidence, successful women know how to exude it, which is how they make it to the top.

As a leader, you must prove to yourself that you are capable. Do not be afraid to put yourself out there or be afraid to try something new. Seek out opportunities, share your ideas and observations during meetings. Don’t hold back on asking questions, not to prove a point or debate but to understand what people want to say without assumptions.

So, there you have it, all the answers from our charismatic director Rashida Saeed to help you reach the leadership role. We hope this real-life story helps women of caliber reach greater heights.

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Empowering Future Female Leaders: A Candid Session with Studio52’s Director Rashida Saeed

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