Why Our Brain Perceive Better With Audio And Visuals Combined

23 March , 2016 by Rashida Saeed
Audio And Visuals

You might be familiar with the old saying, “To see is to believe.” A lot of us would agree to this adage because 70% of our total sense receptors are located in our eyes. Thus, we experience our world primarily through the eyes. The understanding of our brain becomes more solid when it is presented with not just visuals but also audio. This is also the reason why our brain responds more precisely to audio-visual communication than audio or visual communication alone.

Research says that we process the information given through audio-visuals faster than when we are just made to listen something or watch something without a sound. Furthermore, audio-visuals retains longer in our brain. In fact, studies show that we only retain 10% of information by just listening and only 20% by just seeing. However, we retain 70% of information with seeing and listening.

Displaying series of images incorporated with a related voice narration creates a huge impact on people. The human brain reacts intuitively to what is perceived. It interprets the images and sound, and reacts appropriately. The combined elements have the power to stir up particular emotional responses and thought patterns. Plus, it taps our collections of images that were stored in our brain – cultural images, self-image, and collective memories. These factors provoke us to contemplate or perform a certain action.

Although audio alone or visual alone also makes an impact to us, it necessitates our mind to be more highly active to be able to translate word symbols into mental pictures, or vice versa. Unlike when we are watching, the whole thing is delivered to us ready-made. It is all there in front of us, plus the sounds are there, too. All we need to do is incorporate the images to the sounds. Hence, it is easier for our brain to pick up the main idea of a context.

Obviously this makes, audio-visual communication an essential tool in advertising. It appeals to multiple senses of human brain through its mixture of text, images, sound, and motion. However, it still depends on the quality of your video and choices of your visuals that ensures that your concept is remembered by your audience. Only experts on this medium can pull off producing a highly retentive video.


Craft visually captivating and sonically immersive videos. Engage your audience with stunning visuals and compelling audio experiences.


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Why Our Brain Perceive Better With Audio And Visuals Combined

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