8 Types of Corporate Videos to Revolutionize the Way You Communicate

13 June , 2017 by Rashida Saeed
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A corporate video is a powerful means to communicate with your target audience, employees and stakeholders in an engaging way. No matter which industry you belong to, whether you are in B2B segment or B2C segment, every business has a huge scope of benefiting from corporate videos. This is no longer a marketing and communication tactic of the faraway future. In fact, as of 2017, video content represents 74% of internet traffic. You may be already using corporate videos, or may be yet to leverage its benefits; in any case, here are 8 ways you can embed corporate videos in your communication strategy.

Brand Video

A brand video tells a story that anchors your brand and what it stands for. It can talk about value propositions of your brand and how it aims to make a difference. Showcasing a brand video on the home page of your website helps visitors get a quick overview of your brand quickly.

Product Video

90% of users say that videos are helpful in the decision process. Indeed, explaining the features, benefits and technical details of your product becomes easy with product demonstration video, which in turn works to persuade your target audience.

Viral Video

When you want to promote your brand on social media platforms, nothing works like viral videos. A brand’s viral video need not be centered on products or services. You can focus on communicating messages that instantly evoke emotions and help in building your brand image.

viral video

Testimonial Video

You might already be displaying testimonials of your clients on your website in text format. However, switching to video will lend greater authenticity to testimonials and will save time of visitors.

FAQ Video

FAQ videos are very useful in answering important queries of customers. Text based FAQs are often time consuming and also confusing at times, where as video based FAQs are easy to understand and engaging. Such videos can be in animation format or even employees can be featured in video.

Exhibition Video

If you have participated in an exhibition, you can use an exhibition video to attract and inform your target audience. Such videos are made targeting a particular type of audience and can prove effective in increasing footfalls.

Corporate Video in Dubai

Recruitment Video

Recruitment videos are very useful for hiring new workforce and promoting the work culture of your organization. Such videos give precise ideas to prospective employees what to expect if they are planning to join your organization.

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8 Types of Corporate Videos to Revolutionize the Way You Communicate

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