Achieve goal of zero accident workplace with incident re-enactment videos

24 April , 2017 by Rashida Saeed
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Oil & gas, real estate construction and shipping construction are some of the most hazardous industries to work for. Owing to the nature of work, employees always find themselves surrounded by life-threatening risks; be it suspended loads, falling from height, hazardous leaks, fire or explosion. While rigorous safety training is provided to all employees to prevent accidents and injuries, it proves only partially effective. So what steps you can take to ensure maximum safety of your employees? Providing training through incident re-enactment videos is a revolutionary new way of safety communication. As a matter of fact, 96% of businesses say that videos help training employees better and faster.

What is incident re-enactment video?

An incident re-enactment video is a specialized training video that recreates an entire incident with dramatic effects – which may or may not involve fatality or injury – entailing importance of adhering to safety rules & regulations.

Benefits of using incident re-enactment videos for training

Provides detailed insight

Incident re-enactment video showcases all events leading up to the fateful accident. Such detailed insight into the event enables employees to analyse where the things went wrong and trains them to respect and follow safety rules & regulations.

Delivers shock value

Watching an accident event in a video emotionally stimulates employees. Further, the possibility that it might happen to them if safety procedures are not followed aggravates the effectiveness of message.

Makes training engaging

Video content has the power to keep audiences hooked. So when employees are not bored, they are more likely to pay 100% attention to the entire training session. Such engagement boosts productivity of the training session.

Memorable Training

Learning imparted through incident re-enactment video will stay with employees for longer period. So, at the time of working, this training will be helpful in directing them to act in safe manner.

Makes complex learning easy

Incident re-enactment video makes it possible to train employees for many technical or abstract aspects of safety which are very difficult to be taught in classroom training.

If you are committed to create a culture of safety in your organization, Studio 52 can produce customized incident re-enactment videos for you. Our videos will mentally equip your workforce to manage emergencies and sharpen their agility as well as presence of mind. For more information on incident re-enactment videos visit you can get in touch with us at +971-4-454-1054 or TOLL FREE (Within UAE) – 800-52.


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Achieve goal of zero accident workplace with incident re-enactment videos

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