Road to Becoming a Voice-Over Success in the Middle East

14 December , 2022 by Rashida Saeed
Road to Becoming a Voice-Over Success in the Middle East

A voice-over artist works as the voice behind the camera. It is often confused with the work of a narrator since both these jobs involve describing what’s happening on-screen. Voice-over work, however, involves instruction, may invoke emotions, is educational and is used to inform the audience.

If you’re looking to become the next big voice-over sensation, here are some of the tips you can use. Making a video, especially a “how-to” or an instructional one requires you to do some voice-over work post-shooting.

Is everyone born with a great voice for them to become a voice-over artist? No. Do you need to work hard to get to that point? You won’t have to because we have all the secrets you’ll need to get the job done.

Just as you would with any other skill, you need to be dedicated enough to practise and apply a few tricks to become a success. There’s no real formula that will work for everyone, as it is a form of art.

It is more common nowadays for businesses to hire voice-over artists for their content. Businesses have developed ways in which anyone can become a voice-over artist.

Here are the five main secrets you need to know as a beginner in Voice-over work:

Educate Yourself

You need to familiarise yourself with the roots of the craft before you can learn its complexities. Get yourself enrolled in a class, to get in front of a mic and learn the basics.

Many agencies target such classes to hunt for talent so it’s good to get as much face time with these professionals as you. There are other professionals there who can guide you and you can benefit from their experience.

Get Yourself to Auditions

Book as many auditions and apply for any chance to get your voice out there. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, better here than at your dream job.

You need to find a position that’s comfortable for you, movements and gestures to make you feel free and even the height of the script which is easiest for you to read. Don’t shy from personalising your space inside the recording booth.

Don’t rush into recording Demos

You might want to get a demo recording right away to send to as many agencies as you can.

Record your voice every time you practise before going to a professional studio. Wait off until you have complete command of the language, and pronunciation and get an agent before stepping into a booth. An agent will tell you how to make your work stand out and the best techniques for a flawless voiceover.

Personalise your voice

Everyone’s voice is unique in some ways but there is a need to find your unique sound. Bring your personality into your work and you’ll be sure to stand out.

Make sure the people who listen to you know exactly who you are through your mannerisms. You can sell this uniqueness as your brand to get recognition and be preferred by people looking to hire VoiceOver artists.

There are other essential training techniques you need to go over to make your voice sound the best it can in recordings.

1. Clarity and Perfect Pitch

One of the key determinants of an enjoyable voiceover is the clarity of words and the calmness in the pitch or volume. You need to pick a pitch that’s soothing and easier to listen to for longer periods. The voice should be loud enough to help your viewers in understanding you clearly. Not too dull that they might get annoyed or move on to other things. You can test volume levels by recording yourself on your phone or a device to see where that sweet spot is.

2. Pace of Storytelling

The pace and speed at which you narrate a story make it memorable for your audience. The purpose is to engage them in the story you’re trying to tell.

Imagine recording a voiceover and being so hasty that no one has any idea what you’re talking about. You need to control your voice and learn to mix paces up to polish your skill as a voice-over artist.

3. Tone of Voice

The tone is mostly concerned with how natural and effortless you sound in the voiceover. Your voice should be interesting to listen to. The best vocal work is done when you can make the reader picturise the scene just by listening to you.

4. Enunciate

The primary skill you’ll have to master is pronouncing the words correctly. Your accent should be clear and understandable to the audience.

This is why you conduct your research to know who you’ll be addressing and how to manage your voice accordingly. With enough practice, you too can become the best there is out there.

When we talk of the best VoiceOver artists in the Middle East, these are the companies to look for:

There is a trend of hiring freelancers in the business world. Hence, you don’t necessarily need a big name representing you. Make your profile on freelancing websites such as Upwork or Fiverr and get gigs.

Meanwhile, keep getting the word out to agencies and companies by sending them your demo. Make sure your voice has reached its full potential before presenting it in front of professionals in the field.

Any type of artistic work is largely dependent on the connections you make in the professional circle. There are websites you can sign up to to get your demo to agencies. In this age of digitisation, videos are the new marketing mode for most businesses. Therefore, the need for voiceovers is only beginning its ascend.


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Road to Becoming a Voice-Over Success in the Middle East

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