Make Learning Quick and Easy with Effective Corporate Training Videos

10 April , 2017 by Rashida Saeed
corporate training videos

Training is a proven strategy to accelerate business growth. Corporate training are important for both employees and organization. Indeed, well trained employees tend to perform better and contribute to overall success of the organization. With the advent of digital age, tools to provide corporate and management training have also changed. According to training experts and entrepreneurs, video is the new and most effective method to train employees.

96% of businesses say that videos help training employees better and faster. And 98% of organizations are ready to use video as a part of their digital learning strategy.

Yes, it’s the age of corporate training videos and if you want to boost the efficiency of your training programs, you better integrate video as a part of your training strategy.

Benefits of using corporate and management training video

Makes learning faster & easier

Video training makes learning easier. That is because we process visuals 60000 times faster than text. This does not only make understanding easier for employees but also helps them learn and adapt quickly.

Increases productivity

Faster learning saves the time invested in training employees, which in turn enables the management to immediately start utilizing skills of employees for which they were trained. This faster cycle of work delegation ultimately improves productivity.

More impactful

When we learn something through visuals, we tend to remember it longer. 80% of viewers recall a video that they have seen in the past 30 days. This quality of imparting stronger recall value makes corporate video training more impactful.


Videos can be viewed anywhere anytime and are also easy to share. After the completion of training program, employees can watch the training videos again on their own and sharpen their skills.

If you are a part of management & consultancy training company and think that your organization can benefit by integrating training videos as a part of training programs then Studio 52 can help you. Studio52 can develop effective training videos on a wide range of subjects from team building and communication skills, to leadership training, HR training and sales & customer service training. Studio 52 can make customized learning and training videos including 2D and 3D animation that cater to retail, hospitality, healthcare and a range of other industries.


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Make Learning Quick and Easy with Effective Corporate Training Videos

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