4 Best Ways to Use Animation in Corporate Training Videos

05 January , 2020 by Rashida Saeed
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Employees are the core of any company. Their performance within a business will directly affect its development. Therefore, it’s very clear that a trained employee will perform better than one without prior training. To be more exact, a trained employee works 6 times better than one without preparation. That said, it’s clear that corporate training videos are essential. This ensures that workers do their job to the best of their abilities. As a result, the development and success of your business are on a good track. However, the traditional training video is not enough, since all employees will not be fully interested. They must pay attention and capture the information provided. This is where the animation comes in. It’s an excellent component that will express information in a simple, entertaining and clear way. So if you have doubts about how to use animation in these types of videos, look no further. We’ll give you 4 top tips in this article.

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Keep It Simple

Be very careful not to overload your video with too many animations. Remember that you’re trying to present the information simply and concisely so that it is understood. If you use animation excessively, users won’t understand anything. There’s a specific amount of information that the brain can process one step at a time. Therefore, you can use photographs or illustrations to help better understand the instructions. Try using a simple diagram instead of a complicated one. In this way, the trainees will understand and retain the information successfully.

Offer the Replay Option

This is the great thing about today’s videos. They’re presented in such a way that learners can learn at their own pace. It’s customized. We recommend that you structure the corporate video in different segments so that users find it easier to return to a topic they haven’t understood. Of course, you must offer them the option to repeat the video as many times as necessary. With this feature, they can watch the video again later as a reminder for more support in their performance.

Make Sure the Content is Adequate

Animation shines when you use it correctly. It gives you the ability to simplify complex concepts that cannot be seen by the naked eye. For example, if you try to teach your employees how to distribute service to a large number of customers, animation is the perfect solution. However, if you want to teach your employees how to conduct a meeting with a client, then animation isn’t the best in this case. The right option would be live videos or audio. The idea is that you make sure to use animation in an adequate case.

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Use Audio

As humans, we all have limitations when it comes to ingesting new information. Therefore, you should get the most out of animation. It doesn’t necessarily have to be only visual. You can also apply another important factor: audio. By using these two channels you make sure that the information is retained to the maximum in a short video. It’s just a matter of knowing how to take advantage of the tool. 

Indeed, the animation video isn’t a perfect tool for all cases.  However, they offer a great variety to be able to imply some information. Always remember to use it appropriately according to each case and if you have more questions, contact us at Studio 52.


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4 Best Ways to Use Animation in Corporate Training Videos

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