Everything You Need to Know about Corporate Event Highlight Videos

21 September , 2021 by Rashida Saeed
Everything You Need to Know

Events are important. They take weeks, and sometimes even months of planning to showcase the best parts of your business. The last thing you would want to do is to not have a record of the impact it had on the attendees and your business. This is where corporate event highlight videos come into play. Such highlight videos are a wonderful way to showcase all the fun, achievements, and excitement.

What is An Event Highlight Video?

An event highlight video showcases the experience that people had during the event. It’s usually a high-energy video with exciting music and is usually not more than 2-4 minutes.

These are extremely effective and the ultimate way to extend the value and life of your event.

An event highlight video works great because:

  • It shows the success of the event through the energy and excitement of the guests and the speakers.
  • Features interviews with speakers and guests to provide context.
  • It gives authenticity to the event.
  • It helps you connect emotionally to the audience.
  • It brings a human element to your brand.

What Does An Event Highlight Video Look Like?

The corporate video production services first captures footage throughout the event. He then scrubs through the entire footage captured to find the best moments and turn it into a highlight reel that’s sure to turn heads.

A typical highlight video would have the following:

  • Sweeping shots of the venue.
  • Time-lapse footage of your space filling up with guests.
  • Montage of people interacting at your booth and having fun in general during the event.
  • Dynamic clips of key speakers on stage.
  • High-energy interview clips.
  • Names of sponsors and exhibition stand.

What are the Different Ways You Can Make Use of Highlight Video?

Professionally produced event highlight videos can be utilized for multiple purposes. Let’s take a look at some here.

  • Social Media

Give your followers high energy and an engaging introduction to your time at the event. Capture the atmosphere, excitement, and buzz in the atmosphere to share with your followers and attract attendees. If the event duration is for months like the upcoming Dubai Expo 2020, you can share a highlight video every day on your social media pages to generate interest and excitement.

  • Thank You

You can also make use of highlight videos to thank the event photographer, event video production company, staff, attendees, or sponsors. And these videos are also great to play at closing events or dinner.

  • Press Releases

To generate interest among your target market, potential clients and investors, there cannot be anything better than a highlight video that shows the best of you.

  • Blog Posts

You can embed your highlights video in blog posts along with quotes from the speakers and attendees. Adding full or partial transcription also helps maximize SEO. 

  • Newsletters

Highlight videos can also be used post the event for marketing purposes like embedding them in company newsletters, as engaging content on your website, or following up with leads generated during the event.

How is An Event Highlight Video Produced?

Corporate event highlight videos, if captured right, can be used time and again to connect with your customers, prospects, and stakeholders. These corporate videos are excellent to engage your viewers and build your brand. To have such an impact on the viewers, the video of the event has to tell a great story. For this, the videographer plans the footage to be captured, organizes his film crew, and selects the best equipment required to film the event.

The goal of the videographer is to capture all the buzz and the excitement taking place during the event. Most impactful moments, behind-the-scenes, customer interaction, etc, are captured from almost all angles to give a unique feel to the video. All this requires the unique skills of a professional camera crew.

Next, the footage goes into the post-production stage. The editor goes through the entire footage and selects all the key moments, amazing scenes, and shots to weave it all into a single string. The shots are then synced with music, narration, or both to tell the story of the event that one would want to attend.

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No event video will ever be effective or reach its true potential without a clear story and message behind it. This is where we come in. Our team is adept at conducting interviews with key stakeholders and guests at your event to tell your story. In addition to that our team focuses on capturing the highlights of your event, recording keynote speakers, award presentations, product launches, as well as the energy and fun that’s a part of the event.

Our team of video experts has captured hundreds of highlights videos for corporate events, conferences, meetings, live performances, product launches, trade shows, award ceremonies, and every other event you can think of!

With our focus on story, message, and next level of audio and video quality, Studio52 is a perfect fit for covering your business at the soon-to-be-live Dubai Expo 2020. An event like this comes once in a lifetime. So, you must not compromise! Our high-quality event videos will reflect the quality, professionalism, and achievements of your brand. Our 40+ years of experience and expertise in video production make us your ideal video production partner to cover your participation at the expo.

Get in touch with us today to discuss how we can add value to your event and business!

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Everything You Need to Know about Corporate Event Highlight Videos

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