Promo Videos: How to Build Hype with Your Teasers

09 March , 2021 by Rashida Saeed
Promo Videos: How to Build Hype with Your Teasers

People are curious by nature, so the best way to build hype is to be mysterious. If you tell them everything right away, they won’t have a reason to follow up. But, if you use teasers, it will stimulate their curiosity. In this post, we will learn more about how you can build hype with your teasers.

Promo Videos How to Build Hype with Your Teasers

1. What is a Teaser?

A teaser is a short video that is created as a way of generating buzz around an upcoming announcement. It could be used to promote a longer video/movie, a product launch, or anything that needs some sort of announcement. The key here is to attract viewers and only provide enough information to encourage them to learn more.

2. Why a Teaser is Worthwhile?

There are many ways to build the hype but, video is undoubtedly the best format to generate buzz for a new product or event before it hits the market. The moving image has the potential to convince your customers faster than pictures or chunks of texts.

This is because the attention span of Internet users is just 8 seconds on average. With a good video intro, you convince the customer! If the video still provides entertainment after 8 seconds, you are on the right track.

3. What are the important Elements of a Teaser?

Any good teaser will have 3 basic elements – the hook, solution, and a call to action. Sometimes, you can have all these three elements in the same teaser video, while for others you might have a single video for each of these elements. The choice totally depends upon you. 

These teasers can be used effectively on social media posts or on the webpage to create the hype as these are easily shareable. 

Now, let’s read up a little more on these 3 important elements of teasers.

3.1 The Hook

This is the most important element of any teaser video. If you are able to hold the attention of your audience for the first few seconds, you have done your job right. There are many ways to do this, but, whatever you choose has to align with your brand and the product, or the event you are promoting.

To hook the audience you need to connect with the audience at an emotional level, which motivates them to keep watching. Careful editing with quick cuts without letting viewers see too much is another great way to grab the viewer’s attention. 

The goal here is to give them the information in such a way that it creates a suspenseful feeling for your audience. 

3.2 The Solution

If you create a teaser video that offers the solution to a problem straight away, that could also get your viewers interested. People are always looking for solutions for their problems and when your teaser shows you how the event or the product can solve their problem, they would definitely be more interested. For example, if you are going to launch a new product, let the viewers see the problem that your new product can solve. Just give them a sneak peek so it piques their interest. 

3.3 The CTA

Now, what’s the use of making a fantastic teaser, if people don’t know what to do next. Suppose, a viewer liked what he/she saw and wants to know more about it, what should he/she do? You need to include actionable steps so you can direct the viewer to your website, a detailed video, or wherever else you want them to go after watching the teaser. 

If the audience sees “Click the link to know more”, they would know what to do. You have already pulled them with a strong hook into watching the video, explained what they can expect, and now if they liked what they saw, they can take the next step.

Now you know what are the elements that you need to make an effective teaser. So, how do you create a teaser? Let’s read further.

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4. How Do You Create a Teaser?

A successful teaser has to offer the right combination of information and creativity to spike your audiences’ curiosity. In order to achieve that, you need to take care of some basics. Let’s take a look at what these are.

How Do You Create a Teaser

1. Planning

As always planning is a crucial step in making anything that’s more than average. To make your teaser, you need to spend time pinpointing exactly what message you want to convey. 

Start with defining your target audience. Next, you need to think about what do you want your audience to do after watching the video and where you would promote it. You also need to set a budget and think about all the creative roadblocks that might arise. Do you have an internal video production team to carry out the job or you would need the help of a professional promo video production company? 

2. Scripting

Whether you are creating a vlog, documentary, a corporate movie, or a teaser, most business videos need a script. If you skip this step, you will find yourself editing more often than you need to. The script for a teaser video needs to be short. You can either use a storyboard or write out a script. Once you are done, let someone similar to your target audience read it. If they are able to understand the “hype” you are trying to create, you have the right script.

3. Humanizing

Good storytelling is the foundation of any successful video. Human beings are always looking for a story that they can connect with. Do prior research on your target audience, identify their problems and try to offer solutions in a more emotional way. Don’t try to sell yourself or just say what the product/company/event is all about. If you pay attention to the human angle, then you will create a relationship with your audience.

Always remember that a message conveyed in the form of a story will instantly click with the audiences and stay with them for a long time.

4. Producing

When you are done with everything, it’s time to produce the video. If you have the budget and the experience level, you can produce it in-house. But, if you don’t have the experience It’s best to hire a professional video production company to get the job done. You can contact us right here if you are ready with your idea.

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Once the video is ready, let social media viral it!

If you’re not careful, even an awesome product can just disappear because there wasn’t enough hype to tease the audience that could keep them interested till the launch campaign. So, that’s all from us. Are you ready to create amazing teaser videos that convert? We have all the right high-quality equipment, voice-over artists, pre-licensed music, an experienced video production team, and a lot more. Get in touch with Studio52 for a free consultation.


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Promo Videos: How to Build Hype with Your Teasers

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