How to plan a successful Radio Advertisement strategy

14 July , 2019 by Rashida Saeed
Radio Commercial

Radio marketing is still relevant, no matter what some would have you believe. 92% of people still listen to the radio weekly. Not surprisingly stores that use radio ads report increases in traffic. The truth is, it’s a familiar channel. People trust familiar things and that trust reflects into conversion. In this article, we’re going to cover the basics for a successful Radio Advertisement strategy. 

Define a clear set of goals

Before even thinking about the script, you need to have specific goals. That will define the kind of radio ad you’ll want to produce. Each kind of ad has different trends that help you achieve better results. While originality it’s extremely important, following the current trends will make your campaigns more effective. Here are some examples. 

Informative Radio Ads

Presenting your information as news is always a good way to get attention. This works particularly well with radio as a classic news distribution channel. You can leverage this kind of Radio Ad for sales, new products, and events.

Branded Radio Ads

Radio Advertisement is an excellent tool for brand awareness. I’m sure you can still remember a few jingles from your childhood. The best way to go about branded ads is with a short message and a catchy tune.

Influencer Radio Ads

People like to think that influencer marketing started with Youtube. When it’s actually been going on for quite a while now. Radio personalities present a time-tested way to reach an audience. Supporting the right host will improve your conversion rate significantly. 

Stay on brand

Branding is a cornerstone for your Radio Advertisement strategy. Brand association is one of the biggest benefits here. It should be subtle, but it should always be there. Chose a tune and keep with it. Try to include your executives, anything you can think of to transmit your company culture.

Optimize for your channel

Nowadays, there are many options to distribute your Radio ads. Producing an ad for a regular radio station might be very different than doing so for a modern “Online” station. If you want your ad to perform as best as possible, you need to customize production to the channel. Once you decide where to distribute your content, all you can about formats and requirements.

Keep an eye on the metrics

Modern distribution channels allow advanced analytics reporting. True, this might not work if you go with standard stations. However, it allows knowing exactly how your ad performs. It also allows you to update your targeting, all that information creates an opportunity to improve the ROI of your ad. Take it!

Following these simple tips will improve the effectiveness of your Radio Advertisement strategy. After that, all you need is the ad. If you want to make sure you get the right one, leave it to us. Schedule your free consultation today, call now +971-4-454-1054.


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How to plan a successful Radio Advertisement strategy

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