Key Digital Marketing Strategies During Covid-19: Redefining and Redeployment

03 December , 2020 by Rashida Saeed
Key Digital Marketing Strategies During Covid-19: Redefining and Redeployment

When the year 2020 started nobody could predict the kind of calamity and uncertainty it will bring. The emergence of covid-19 has changed the globe altogether. From closed businesses to hundreds of unemployed people all around the world, the coronavirus has brought a lot of challenges. It has altogether altered the way we lived and the way we did businesses. For a long time, there was a complete shut down as the attack was sudden and unpredictable. Now as time has passed people have accepted this “new normal” way of living guided by social distancing and other precautionary measures. The same goes for digital marketing strategies during covid-19.

After so many months there is still a lot of uncertainty. Nobody can judge what our globe will look like in a post-coronavirus scenario. Although there is a lot of uncertainty revolving yet, one thing is quite certain- the new world will rely on digital channels. If we talk about marketers then the digital channels are most important than ever. Online channels played an important role during the pandemic and still playing their part. Because of lockdown and work from home, a lot of people suffered self-isolation which resulted in an addiction to online activities. Just take the example of Italy, where the virus hit with its full swing, the government announced country-wide lockdowns in mid-march, and the online traffic raised to 30%.

These trends followed all over the globe. Although online channels present a lot of opportunities for the marketers yet in these crucial times digital marketers experience a more challenging atmosphere. They need to critically analyze the strategies needed for striving in the new environment.

For a digital marketing company satisfying the customer, acknowledging their needs empathetically, in a customized manner, while following the new physical restrictions and circumstances, is surely challenging. Redefining and redeployment will play the most important role, along with other changes in marketing strategies. In this new world, marketers need to follow the following major strategies to survive and thrive. After the world still exists on the principle of “survival of the fittest”.

Redefine the new goals

The disrupted marketing landscape during the covid-19 crisis calls for a thorough reassessment of the business goals as per the new marketing strategy. You have to evaluate the relevancy of brand purpose and digital messaging in the new atmosphere. Marketers in every part of the world and even digital marketing company in Dubai need to answer the following major questions:

  • What are the new customer needs in the “new world”
  • What customers need to hear?
  • Is the brand capable of fulfilling the “new need” now?
  • Does the brand need a major redistribution of marketing budgets
  • Will the end customer need to be redirected from physical stores to digital storefronts?

After drafting answers to these major questions the critical contribution will be through new marketing messaging. Updating the marketing mix and new budget allocations will be the major step for this purpose. Special funds can be applied for special purposes like in-person event marketing for support purposes.

Apply outbound messages to cater to critical communications

The virus has made the whole business world extremely conscious. When you decide to send a covid-19-related email to the entire mailing list of your customers, keep in mind that you are sending your message in a world which is already bombarded with the same messages. Try to apply segmentation messages and keep a track of your message counts. Any of the digital marketing agencies in Dubai can make use of this segmentation technique.

Audio Production

These covid related messages can answer one of the following main questions:

  • Is the business canceling an event
  • Is any product rollout is on way
  • Is the business planning to cancel or stop the service offering?
  • Is product inventory undergoing any changes
  • Will there be an expected delay in delivery?

These messages must be addressed to the affected consumers only. Otherwise, silence is always the best choice. The pandemic is not a feasible option to be used as a marketing trend, although you may find dozens of companies using it as a marketing tactic. Make sure that your communication is relevant and appropriate in every communication.

To sustain good digital marketing strategies during covid-19 you can carry an audit to monitor the rhythm of marketing automation. This audit may help you answer the following questions.

  • How often do customers want to hear from you?
  • What is the main topic customers want to be addressed?

Make the best use of omnichannel 

During the peak days of the pandemic, most of the businesses selling ‘non-essential’ items were forced to stop the operations while online retail remained open and was encouraged by the higher authorities. Hence redefining the business goals and redeployment will help you identify the attractive offering in your omni channel.

Keep in mind that marketing automation will no longer nudge physical store visits. Try to formulate campaigns that give an extra reward to online shoppers. Try to identify loyal offline customers and use marketing strategies to convert them to online shoppers. Consequently, digital marketing strategies during covid-19 revolve around the redeployment of resources.

As the whole world is under stress and panic so a little personal acknowledgment will pay you much better. Some of the best steps, in this case, will be to:

  • Use your data platforms to reach the profiles of your customer
  • Offer customized experiences across all channels
  • Target customers across all devices
  • Customize the product recommendations

Having a large dataset of actionable information about all segments of your customers is the key to flourish as a digital marketing company If you use marketing automation technology with the full capacity it will give effective results. 

In hard times like these, the secret is to use the marketing power and mixing it with smart ideas to target customers for online campaigns. Thanks to the marketing experts who have devised the tools to attain insights on the consumer’s needs. Try to cater to personal relevance at an unparalleled level while consumers are convinced for physical distancing accurate digital marketing will keep the customers digitally connected and closer than ever.


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Key Digital Marketing Strategies During Covid-19: Redefining and Redeployment

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