Manufacturing and Warehouse Safety Training Videos

17 February , 2022 by Rashida Saeed
Manufacturing and Warehouse Safety Training Videos

We hear stories of unfortunate workplace accidents every day. Considering that, we will talk about health and safety at workplaces today. 

The safety of employees is not just a legal but also an ethical obligation for all employers. They must provide a safe working environment to the workers, beware them of all the risks to their health and safety, and train them to avoid those risks. 

Maintaining health and safety at the workplace requires participation from every workforce member, involves various processes and technologies, and demands regular training. All of this might sound complex, but isn’t being safe much better than being sorry? 

Health and safety measures are even more crucial in manufacturing and warehouse. Continue reading to know why and learn one of the most effective ways to train the people working in factories and warehouses. 

Safety in Manufacturing

The risks attached to the safety of factory workers are quite scary. They spend most of their time surrounded by dangerous machines, equipment, and substances. Their tasks often involve lifting, pushing, and pulling heavy loads. Plus, they are often exposed to hazardous chemicals used in a factory. 

Therefore, factory workers need to be aware of every single risk they face at work. They need extensive training on how to operate dangerous machinery. Plus, they should know how to prevent spills, slips, and other accidents. 

Safety in Warehouse

Working in a warehouse also involves dangerous tasks like lifting and handling heavy loads and operating moving vehicles like forklifts.  Other risks include fire hazards, electrical hazards, falling objects, pedestrian accidents caused by forklifts, working at height, etc. 

The risks are automatically minimized when the workers are well-trained to maintain safety at the workplace. In other words, they can prevent nerve-wracking accidents if they already know the rules. 

Is Safety Training a Cost or an Investment?

Even though most organizations are aware of the dangers involved in factories and warehouses, they still fail to maintain the required safety standards. Let’s discuss why.

Most businesses often operate under high competitive pressure. They have to increase their output, keep their costs down, and hire and retain valuable workers. In between managing other crucial tasks, ensuring the safety of workers takes a back seat for most employers. They start considering health and safety training an extra cost.

However, lack of safety training results in an increased number of accidents, and dealing with the aftermath of accidents is even more expensive. Why? Because the companies have to bear the following in such cases: workers’ compensation, costs of fixing or replacing broken or damaged equipment, regulatory penalties, legal fees, and decreased productivity.

What Is a Safety Video?

A safety video basically displays instructional content in the form of a video to train employees to stay safe from accidental deaths, injuries, and sufferings. Rather than explaining things verbally or giving them a long manual to read from, businesses can use a safety induction video for training their workers more effectively.

Why Use Manufacturing and Warehouse Safety Training Videos?

Generating awareness through visual methods has proven to be more effective than textual or verbal methods. The points below explain why a safety video should be a critical part of your training program.

1. They Emphasize the Importance of Training

Sometimes, even minor mistakes by employees can lead to severe accidents (even death). It is difficult for employers to explain the gravity of some situations via other means. In such circumstances, videos are of huge help. For example, a video can clearly show employees what happens when they forget to wear a hard hat in the warehouse.

2. They Are a Cost-Effective Option

Organizations find arranging or recording safety videos much less expensive than conventional forms of training. However, making effective videos require the right skills. An experienced warehouse safety training video service provider can even help you produce a series of safety videos for each department. They don’t charge much, and you get a high-quality safety video ready as per your requirements in no time. 

3. They Can Be Used in Different Ways

A safety training video is not just a one-time thing. You can use it anywhere, anytime you want. For example, sending the link to a short training video to the employees at the start of the day reminds them to stay safe all day. Plus, you can also send them weekly as a refresher for the training. 

Videos can also complement other forms of training, like classroom lectures. Sending your employees a quick video before classroom training prepares them for what you will talk about. Some employers even send a summary video after classroom training to ensure that the employees have got everything covered. 

Also, frequently holding formal training sessions may not be possible for some organizations. If a proper training session cannot be arranged, they can use a short safety video to tell employees how to face a specific hazard.

4. They Encourage Self-Paced Training

Not every employee can retain all the information provided in a single training session. Some need to grasp complex concepts and ideas, while others may forget things fast even if they understand them quickly. When the training is provided through videos, employees can access the content at their own convenience. This helps them to understand the training concepts at their own pace.

Final Words

Employees working in factories and warehouses need to be trained properly to avoid accidents. One efficient way to train employees is through safety videos. They highlight the importance of safety concepts more clearly, can be used in different ways, and encourage self-paced learning. Moreover, they are a cost-effective option for organizations to impart training. Incorporating Why Industrial Animation Video Increase Conversion Rate By 40% can further enhance engagement and understanding among employees.

 Studio52 – Media Production Company, a professional warehouse safety video production service provider based in Dubai, can help you train your employees better with creative safety videos.


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Manufacturing and Warehouse Safety Training Videos

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