The Best Timelapse Construction Camera for Jobsite Monitoring, Communicating, and Showcasing

24 April , 2023 by Rashida Saeed
The best timelapse construction camera

At Studio52, we employ top-notch techniques and equipment to produce high-quality construction timelapse videos that showcase the accelerated motion of your projects. With this technique, you can capture long-term duration processes and present them in a concise video format.

How They Timelapse Benefits Demolition Timelapse Video Projects,  Construction timelapse videos are an excellent marketing and promotion tool as they condense the entire construction project into just a few minutes. Our expertise in creating world-class timelapse videos is evident in our work with esteemed brands such as Expo 2020, Meraas, and Damac.

Today, we aim to provide guidance on what to consider when selecting a camera for timelapse video and recommend the best timelapse camera for the construction timelapse video marketing 2024.

Brief Overview

Timelapse construction cameras are used to capture the progress of construction projects over extended periods. These are designed to take photos at regular intervals, which are then combined to create a time-lapse video.

They offer a unique perspective on the construction process, allowing viewers to see the project from start to finish in just a few minutes. This can be useful for marketing and promotional purposes, providing an engaging and visually appealing way to showcase your project.

Timelapse construction cameras are used for monitoring and documentation purposes, and to provide valuable insights into the construction process too — especially useful for large-scale  or long-duration projects.

The cameras can be set up quickly and require minimal maintenance, making them a cost-effective solution for construction monitoring.

Factors to Consider when Choosing a Timelapse Construction Camera For Construction Timelapse Video

Image and video quality

When it comes to creating high-quality videos, one of the most critical factors to consider is the number of pixels in your construction site monitoring system. Pixels are those tiny dots that make up an image — the more pixels a camera has, the higher the image resolution and quality will be.

As such, it’s essential to choose a camera with a high number of megapixels to ensure your videos are of the highest quality possible. While there is no hard and fast rule on the ideal number of megapixels, many experts agree that around 12 megapixels are the sweet spot for most cameras.

However, having a high number of megapixels is only half the battle. To create truly great videos you need to start with high-quality footage right from the beginning. This means that there should be no cut scenes or tearing down of buildings to get the perfect shot.

Durability and weather resistance

When it comes to taking pictures outside in the field, one of the biggest challenges of a construction monitoring system is dealing with the elements. Unlike indoor photography, outdoor photography is at the mercy of the weather, which can be unpredictable and harsh. When it comes to creating timelapse videos, this becomes an even greater challenge. Your videos cannot simply take a rain break when the weather gets messy.

Construction sites are particularly prone to bad weather, be it snow, rain, or dust. As such, a camera should withstand these conditions and still deliver high-quality footage. One of the most important factors to consider is the camera’s casing or housing.

A durable and weather-hardy casing can protect the camera from the elements, ensuring continuous functioning even in adverse weather conditions

Power options and battery life

When creating infrastructure time-lapse videos, having a camera with sturdy charging options and batteries is critical. The last thing you want is to run out of power in the middle of a shoot, as this can result in lost footage and wasted time.

If your camera only comes with a single battery, it’s essential to make sure that it has a fast charging time. Waiting for hours for a storm to charge can be frustrating and can result in lost footage. Look for cameras with quick charging options or spare batteries that you can switch out when one runs out of power.

In addition to fast charging options, it’s also worth considering external power supplies or solar panels. External power supplies can keep your camera going for extended periods, which is particularly useful for long shoots or shoots in remote locations where power outlets may not be readily available.

Connectivity and remote construction monitoring system capabilities

Shooting a timelapse video requires taking a significant number of pictures over an extended period. These pictures can take up a considerable amount of memory, making it critical to ensure that your camera has enough storage space. At a minimum, it’s recommended to have 128GB of internal storage, although the more storage you have, the better.

However, relying solely on hard disk drives or local storage can be risky. These storage options are prone to damage or theft, which can result in the loss of all your footage. To mitigate this risk use a combination of local storage and cloud backup.

Choosing a camera that can connect to the internet and upload pictures to the cloud is a great way to ensure that your footage is always safe and secure. This way, even if your local storage is lost or damaged, you can still access your footage from the cloud.

Another critical feature to consider when choosing a timelapse camera is remote viewing functionality. This feature allows you to check on your camera’s status and ensure that it’s functioning correctly, even when you’re not physically present at the shoot location. This is particularly crucial for long-term shoots, where you may not be able to monitor the camera’s status consistently. With remote viewing functionality, you can rest assured that your camera is always in the right position and capturing the footage you need.

Why Go With The IP Construction monitoring system?

IP cameras are a great option for creating time-lapse videos. They are often used for surveillance purposes, but they can also create stunning time-lapse videos. One of the benefits of using IP cameras for time-lapse videos is that you can use them in combination to get coverage from multiple angles. Since these cameras are typically used for security purposes, you may already have multiple of them at your site.

In addition to providing coverage from multiple angles, these also have built-in security features, such as 24/7 recording and motion detection. This makes them ideal for spotting potential threats. The remote control option is another cool advantage. You can access the camera’s feed from your mobile phone app or computer, which is particularly useful if you can’t be physically present at the site.

Some IP cameras also have a built-in time-lapse function, which makes them even more convenient. Manufacturers have recognized the power of timelapse footage and have added this feature to their products.

Our Recommendation

REOLink 811A

This particular IP camera is an absolute game-changer when it comes to producing high-quality timelapse videos for construction projects. Despite its incredible capabilities, it’s surprisingly affordable, costing less than $100. With its state-of-the-art 4k HD shooting resolution, every detail of your construction project will be captured in stunning clarity, making for an impressive and visually captivating final product.

The camera’s 5-time optical zoom feature ensures that every nook and cranny of your construction project site is captured with incredible detail, giving viewers a comprehensive view of the entire project from start to finish. But what truly sets this camera apart is its power over an ethernet connection, ensuring a constant supply of power and image transmission to the cloud. This is particularly important for construction sites that are in remote locations, where there’s a limited power supply. 

This camera has a built-in timelapse function specifically designed for the construction industry. You don’t have to worry about configuring the camera to capture images at the right intervals or setting up complicated software to stitch together the final video. With this camera, all you need to do is set it up in the right location and turn it on, and you’ll be able to capture amazing construction timelapse videos with ease.


Construction timelapse videos have become a popular and effective tool for businesses to market their projects, showcase progress, and generate stakeholders’ interest. These videos provide a representation of the entire construction process, start to finish, in just a few minutes — adding an extra layer of excitement and engagement to written reports and updates.

When it comes to equipment for creating time-lapse videos, IP cameras are often the most desirable option due to their affordability and high-quality shooting capabilities. They also have the added benefit of being readily available on construction sites for surveillance purposes. However, creating a professional-quality timelapse video requires time and skill, which may not be feasible for everyone.

In such cases, consult with professionals to help create a stunning timelapse video. At Studio52, we have the expertise and equipment to capture the entire construction process in a visually captivating way. 

Feel free to contact us to learn more about how we can help create an impressive construction timelapse video for your project.


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The Best Timelapse Construction Camera for Jobsite Monitoring, Communicating, and Showcasing

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