Here’s the importance of Audio production in marketing strategy!

04 December , 2018 by Rashida Saeed
audio production

What is an Audio Production?

Audio production is the process of creating soundtrack recordings with or without images solely for entertainment information or business.

The Audio Production Company produced the recording, design, editing, audio mixing, and the addition of effects, then the final draft of audio.

The process varies from industry to industry as per the genre-specific requirement.

Before we move on to the aspect of audio production in marketing of any product or services. We go through all the possible option of audio one can use in the strategy.

How many types of audios are produced?

Audio Production is categories as per marketing trends in the following ways:

  • Telephone Hold Messages
  • Interactive Voice Records
  • Voice Over Service

Each call ought to go on-hold while being exchanged.

Telephone Hold Messages:

Telephone hold Messages provides professional phone audio to waiting callers in the form of welcome messages, on hold music and marketing messages in the different language as per the demographics. This is helpful in both product & service based industry, which involves customer interaction.

Such as:

  • Hotel
  • Banks
  • Medical
  • Finance
  • Real Estate

IVR: Interactive Voice Records:

IVR Records are basically the audio used in IVR Services provided by IVR production company which allows a computer to interact with your customer through the use of voice and keypad input.

IVR services play a major role where there is a need to get input from the customer during conversation.

  • Real Estate
  • Banks
  • Medical
  • Telecom
  • Call Center

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Voice Over Services:

Voice Over Services is basically a generation system where an audio is recorded which is further utilized in Radio ads, TV creation, filmmaking, theater, or different introductions.

  • Multilingual recording
  • Call center recording
  • Radio Ads

How Audio production Can Be Benefited In Marketing

  • Brand recognition:

The sound is an integral part of our day to day life.

With respect to branding which is the top priority for the marketer, Audio gives a wide range to promote any product or services in different forms. There are certain segment where audio makes possible to reach out to the potential users for creating an impact in their mind in such a way that, they can be buyers in the future.

  • Advertisement:

Marketing is incomplete without Advertisement, ever since the onset of the Internet it’s not just confined to TV,  the parameter has moved to digital platforms such as websites, apps, Portals etc.

Audio being the traditional content widely used for the paid promotion in the form advertisement on the platform such as:

  • Classic Medium
    • Radio  
    • TV
  • Digital Medium
    • Social media
    • PPC
    • Websites
    • Apps
    • Podcast

This medium lets marketer target their audience as per the industry to reach out to the customers.

Customer Connectivity

Every Business requires to establish a connection with their customer so they can get their feedback & also solve their query (if rises).

For this purposes, audio appears to be the best medium for marketers. As audio production provides custom on hold message to entertain the customer. IVR services allow taking the necessary inputs from the user.

With voice over we can update the customer with the latest information about the product or new offers which is beneficial for them.


The above marketing tactics enhance the connectivity between brands and customer in a way that they’ll become loyal which in turn led marketer to attain customer acquisition.

So, if you don’t imply any of the above IVR Services yet, so it’s high time you should coordinate with the best  IVR Company for your business on the priority basis.

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Here’s the importance of Audio production in marketing strategy!

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