Importance of UX Design for IVR Systems

05 May , 2019 by Rashida Saeed
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Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems became the front of many enterprises. People don’t want to make a trip for something that could be handled over the phone. Plus, the cost reduction an IVR system represents is hard to ignore. You just need to make sure not to sacrifice customer satisfaction in the process.

Like any customer service, the user experience is a top priority. A huge percentage of your customers will opt for the phone as their favorite customer service channel. UX is particularly important for IVR systems for two reasons.

Nobody likes frustrated customers

First, a poorly developed IVR system is extremely annoying for your customers. It’s easy to get frustrated while navigating something that can talk but won’t answer your specific questions. The information your IVR system delivers its users needs to be clear and comprehensive. In other words, it needs to answer the right questions.

Another important point to consider is the flow of your system. It needs to be straightforward, as self-evident as possible. Your system should solve user necessities in as fewer steps as possible. With the right implementation, your IVR system can be comprehensive, yet simple.  

Remember that your IVR services will work as the receptionist of your company.  A smart and pleasant receptionist will reflect greatly on what is to follow. Make sure you consider UX design when setting up your IVR system. It will be the difference between happy and frustrated customers.

Easy and powerful testing

The second reason UX is so important for your IVR system is the facility to test the system. Finding out what needs to be improved is as easy as following the metrics that your system should be gathering. The key question being, where are users hanging up without completing a task?

There are many ways to test your IVR system. Load and stress tests will use automated calls to simulate the expected traffic and look for discrepancies. That way you’ll make sure your system can handle the job without freezing or crashing. You could also run a soak test that will test performance over extended periods of time.

The most important tests for this particular case are features and experience testing. You need to make sure all your features are functional, any loose ends will bring a bunch of trouble. To test the user experience someone should make calls at set intervals and record their results for each option. That will allow you to find weak spots on subjective areas.

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In conclusion, making sure your IVR system has an outstanding UX design is important because your clients will appreciate the effort, and because finding the right way to improve your IVR system is simple. Which means your competitors will have an easy time with it, don’t stay behind.

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Importance of UX Design for IVR Systems

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