Why Invest in a Corporate Video?

28 June , 2016 by Rashida Saeed
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The Modern Consumer

As I was browsing through the internet, across my social media accounts, I unexpectedly lost my internet connection. And from the agony of waiting for it to be fixed, I had come to realize the huge implication of the web, not just in my social life but in others as well. In fact, roughly 46% of the world’s population has internet access. Imagine how immensely influential the internet could be in embedding information to consumers of the web.

As digital audience increases, their attention span steadily decreases.  That is why messages need to be transmitted quickly and conveyed well. Brands promoting their products have come to realize that significance and now innovating ways in order to retain traffic for their brand.

Proper Content is essential especially when there is limited attention span and the need for immediate fulfillment. A modern consumer is impatient and so information should be easily absorbed and retained.

Creating Client Engagement

One way to engage your consumers is through moving pictures and a compelling narrative. People absorb information differently and they love creativity. These can be channeled by achieving a high-quality video from corporate video production company.

A Corporate Video is vital for any established business in the market; it has become a tool to increase presence in the digital marketing arena. It doesn’t just showcase the brand but produces a unique experience for future prospects.

By engaging your clients, it creates awareness for your product which establishes a demand for your brand. This generates profit and increases revenues.

Fortifying Internal Communication

Corporate videos aren’t just for attracting future clients but for reinforcing internal communication as well. Effective communication within the company is indispensable in creating a healthy working environment.  It increases collaboration and productivity among employees.  These may include orientation videos, video memos as well as training videos. A comprehensive and elaborate international communication is fundamental to both shareholders and employees in accomplishing goals within the company.

A Proven Formula

Finding the right company to protect your company’s values with authenticity and credibility is difficult, especially when everyone’s claiming to be the number one.  Companies give their trust to someone who has established a name in the media industry and an attested experience in the field of audio-visual productions.  This is where we come in.

At Studio52, we are a proven formula. For 4 decades we have given excellence in service to over 2000 clients in Dubai, the GCC, and the rest of the world. We understand your needs and what consumers want.

It is inevitable for businesses to not immerse their brand in the digital market.  And Studio 52 will give you the leverage for that by producing the Right Video tailored for your needs.  Invest in something worth its weight in gold. Talk to us!


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Why Invest in a Corporate Video?

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