Top 5 ‘Meet the Company’ Video Ideas

14 December , 2022 by Rashida Saeed
Top 5 Video Ideas

Videos are one of the most effective marketing tools. Surveys show that using videos and graphics maximises audience engagement and brand awareness. Whether you like to display the fun side of corporate life, share your values and goals in the video or motivate people to join the business.

One of the ways to boost your business and sell people to your brand is by making relatable content. But you need to be aware of your goals before choosing the video idea that fits your brand the best.

  • The videos need to be relevant to the current times and relatable to appeal to a wider audience pool.
  • The target clientele should be kept in mind so as to not generalise the content.
  • Your primary demographic should find themselves emotionally moved or invested in the video.
  • Most of the content today is ethically and socially acceptable to the masses. Your company’s values should be reflected in the content you choose to make, and your audience should know what your beliefs are.

Here are the top five ideas you can use that encompass different aspects of your business. The benefit of making these videos is to form dependable connections with your audience.

  1. A Day at the Office
  2. Meet the Team
  3. FAQs
  4. Customer Reviews and Demos
  5. Company Events

Let’s go over these one by one.

1. A Day at the Office

 A new or potential employee may ask you during the selection process about the routine at your office. The more likely question is what a day at work looks like for your employees.

Having to give a boring answer explaining all the tasks the employees do in a day, wouldn’t it be better if you had a video showing it. This video can have more of a personal approach and feel to it. Get a camera crew in the office for the day and have them follow around selected employees that explain each task they have to do in a day.

You might have to pick camera-friendly and pleasant-looking employees to attract your audience. Have them prepare scripts that managers can pre-approve. These should include the daily challenges of the day, the office environment, where they sit, and how they interact with each other.

You can show the resources your office has during this tour such as lunch areas, desks and technology you have, and office spaces for different employees. You can showcase that your employees are happy and glad to be working there. They leave the office on time and complete the tasks of the day without being overburdened.

2. Meet the Team

Who better than your employees to present how it is to work at your company? People may want to know what type of work you do and what people they’ll have to work with.

This is one of the best corporate video ideas as it displays the star players in your team. Your video can be of several people sitting around and conversing, focusing on each of them one by one.

These people should be the management team of each of your departments. They can motivate people to join the company by giving their personal insights into the job. Each of them can have a positive story to share with the world on how impactful their work has been.

 3. Customer Demo

Many companies believe in making demonstration videos for any of their products. What’s even better than you showing how to use a product is a customer sharing their experience with its use.

This will make your product look user-friendly and also ensure your consumer that people are already getting their hands on it. Your product may be one that is used by professionals e.g. sports equipment or nutritional supplement. It would help your audience if you get a customer to make their own video in real-time of how they put it to use.

4. Company Events

Corporate life is focused on work and getting things done for the most part. It will make your work sound more appealing if you would include a fun element in your videos.

Maybe do a ‘behind the scenes’ at an event you’re hosting for the employees. It can be a seminar to show how you offer corporate training. People can be made aware of what skills they’ll be able to learn if they start working at your company.

They can see how the employees and management let off steam and carry themselves beyond the office vicinity.

5. Product Announcement

 Announcement of a new product shows your audience that you are open to innovation. Updating the product design and making an appealing graphic video will maintain the attention of your long-term customers. We live in a time where trends are changing by the minute.

It’s better to keep bringing some new features to your products and making videos presenting the change to the world. This can even be a shorter, animated video showing how your product works. Use a tone of excitement for the new innovation you’re bringing to your product.

Using exciting colours and trending music and hashtags to encourage people to show support for your business on social media is an effective way to involve your audience.

Videos hold the power of showing the world what your company is all about. The days of graphics and animations have made it possible for viewers to learn about your business through more than just articles. Use this power to amplify your impact into the minds of your audience.


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Top 5 ‘Meet the Company’ Video Ideas

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