8 Types of Promo Videos that bring you the best results

07 September , 2021 by Rashida Saeed
8 Types of Promo Videos that bring you the best results

We will discuss the different types of promo videos that we at Studio52 have created over the years for our distinguished clientele.

Customer Testimonial Video

The customer testimonial video is the ideal form of video marketing. There is nothing better than the positive feedback of a customer after using your company’s product or service, captured on video. A third party’s positive experience of using your product, when shared on video, hits hard. These videos can be used on the Company website, on social media channels and are super useful for drawing more customers and generating more business. They have a direct impact on the volume of sales of the business.  

Brand Awareness Video

Promotional video production build brand awareness video through promotional video during the awareness stage of marketing of a brand. It educates about the purpose and the broader vision which the brand wishes to achieve by delighting its customers. Awareness videos create great traction on social media channels like Youtube, Instagram or Facebook. They are good investments from the Company’s point of view as they help in creating a personality for the brand and communicate to a larger audience about what the brand strives to stand for. These are normally big-budget videos from a production point of view.


Behind the scenes video


Promo video production company create behind the scenes promo videos which create a stronger relationship with an already acquired captive audience. They help in building deeper relationships with existing customers by showing exclusive video footage of what goes into the making of a product or brand. By letting customers know about these insights, the Company or Brand strives to create a positive disposition for purchase. Thus these videos are made during the consideration phase of the customer journey. Behind the scenes videos are also used as promotional material by famous brands like Coke, Pepsi, Cadbury or Nike and create a huge fan base for them on social media channels and websites.

Explainer Video/How to Demo Videos

Explainer or Demo videos generally educate the customer on how to use a Company’s product or service in simple steps. These videos are very popular on Youtube and often companies use them to reach out to their customers to help them easily use their product. Animation in 2D or 3D is often used to create such videos. Both companies in the B-B or B-C sectors use demo videos to serve their customers in a better way.

Trending social media videos

Trending social media videos are TikTok videos. These are often fun videos but generally highlight a lighter side of a company or brand. Very popular amongst a young set of users, these videos have high shareability and are always trending on social media. They have the potential of being viral and reach a wide target audience. The most beautiful thing about TikTok videos is you can post them on Instagram, Facebook, basically all the social platforms you want.

Trailer Video/Teaser Video

Based on the idea of a modern movie trailer, the trailer or teaser video gives the viewer a sneak peek into something that’s going to come. These videos will be heavy on graphics and pictures and will give a small idea about what you are promoting. These promo videos are used for upcoming events or conferences or leading to the early stages of a product release. That is because they are good for building hype as they give small bits of information and will stir your emotions and get the viewer wanting for more. This type of promo video is best for an existing fanbase as it is not very useful to explain your entire value proposition.

The Story

Inspirational in nature, the story promo video is where you as an entrepreneur tell your entire story about what motivated you to start your business and create your product or service. People don’t want to be sold, they want to be inspired. Also, people don’t think in statistics, they think in stories. With a story promo, video you open your brand to the world. By telling your personal story, you build “know, like and trust” with your audience. This is powerful because people buy from people they “know, like and trust”.

When done well, you can communicate the unique value proposition of your brand and build a deep connection with your audience without sounding “salesy”.

Video Sales Letter

Considered by many video marketers as the most powerful video method amongst the list of promotional videos, the video sales letter helps in generating business revenue directly. A video sales letter draws on the best parts of all promotional videos earlier discussed. It consists of powerful customer testimonials and also explains in parts how to use a product or service. It is a very powerful work of art. It uses persuasive sales copy, emotive music, relatable stories and logical reasons to encourage the viewer to take action.

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As an entrepreneur, do you think your video marketing strategy is bang on target? Are you able to communicate your product’s unique value proposition to your audience? Have you managed to captivate your audience with your brand story?

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8 Types of Promo Videos that bring you the best results

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