8 ways to engage through videos in the hospitality industry

30 August , 2021 by Rashida Saeed
8 ways to engage through videos in the hospitality industry

People use phones and tablets increasingly for travel research, and limited screen space makes it easy to watch videos rather than read text. When a prospect sees a video, it shows purchase intent.

64% of travel video viewers are actively considering a trip. 

In short, videos result in genuine customer wins in this industry.

What works in hospitality videos?

1. Create thank you videos

The hospitality industry banks on emotional connection and marketing are all about establishing a relationship with your guests. They love to see their favourite restaurant or bar behind the scenes, which lends authenticity to the business. A brief video with a “thank you” from your staff is a great way to create positive feelings towards your brand. Such videos communicate passion and attitude, which is an excellent message for guests. These videos can be run as stories on Snapchat and Instagram to get that extra personal touch.

2. Create Testimonial videos

Thank you videos are for customers; testimonial videos take care of influencer marketing. Instead of creating testimonials with celebrities, you can go for regular customers or local food bloggers. Tap into people who love your business and involve them in a short interview, asking why they like you about their unique brand experience. Their friends and community trust these people, and thus, this exercise will create trust for your brand.

3. Create a video of one of your most popular dishes

Chef’s Special or a peek into the process of making your most popular dish is a great way to connect to your existing customers, patrons and potential prospects. People love such videos as it satisfies their curiosity and is a visual delight. Make sure to share these videos on your brand’s YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and other social media pages and handles. Such videos have huge sharability potential and are an instant hit.

 4. Create introduction videos of who you are and what you do

These videos can be “out-of-the-box” and can help you position your brand from the competition. These videos can talk about your uniqueness as a hospitality brand, what’s unique about you, and why customers choose you over others. In short, these videos help build awareness for your brand.

5. Transform your blogs into posts

For hospitality businesses that regularly blog and post good content, the great idea is to transform this textual content into a video format. With the rising popularity of videos as an effective marketing tool to reach audiences, this route is worth taking. While writing about food and cocktails, a better approach will be to create videos and include steps to prepare them.

6. Videos of events 

Hosting events at your property and cleverly marketing them with videos is a great proposition. For example, if you are hosting a wine tasting event at your hotel, a video can be created and shared on your social media channels. People who are interested in such circumstances will appreciate this and make sure to attend future events.

7. Using videos on your website to increase engagement

Landing page conversions can increase by 80% with the use of videos. Footage with a sense of drama capture attention and encourage people to stay on the site. Typical shots include people experiencing the property, which gives more control over the background.   

8. Include CTAs to increase direct bookings

Giving your web traffic a prompt like a Call to Action (CTA)helps direct them to what you want them to do, i.e. go for bookings. Instagram also allows videos to include CTAs like buttons that read “Book Now”.

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8 ways to engage through videos in the hospitality industry

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