How To Use Drones To Create The Most Amazing Aerial Photographs

13 March , 2023 by Rashida Saeed

Aerial photography is all the rage these days and more and more businesses are using it for various marketing purposes. It’s no wonder, given how we’re always appreciative and jealous of that “birds-eye” view. The entire story revolves around flying drones and navigating the skies while taking pictures or shooting videos! 

Here at Studio52, we’ve created dozens of amazing aerial videos and photographs, and know the ins and outs of taking perfect aerial shots! Today, we’re here to help you learn what goes into creating the most amazing aerial photos using drones.

Getting Started

These days, drone companies are making it sound “all too easy”! It’s all just a matter of taking the drone out of the box and starting flying, right? 

Sure, but there’s a lot more going into aerial photography than meets the eye. First of all, if you’re a complete beginner, you should look to learn how to fly first, and do so in a limited space where you can be sure that you can do no damage if something goes wrong! Start flying your drone in an open space without too many distractions or obstacles, and practice getting around in the limited space and awareness of the surroundings from where you operate the machine. 

And it’s not only just that! 


Familiarize Yourself With The Rules

Secondly, we have the legality to sort out, and you should be familiar with the official rules and regulations that stand in the air and the ground where you operate your drone. Most countries have strict laws one should follow and most of them are concerning things like line of sight, maximum height, flying over private grounds and people, respect for privacy, etc. 

Make sure that you’re familiar with any specific regulations that apply in your area so as not to get in trouble with the law! 

Tech Is Amazing…

And you really should be in touch with the recent trends. Inexperienced flyers may end up with equipment that’s two years old and still outdated! Technology is revolutionising how we do aerial photography each and every day. You can monitor your drones over an app on your phone, there are many camera controls you need to master, turning on mid-flight stability mode, etc. 

Imagine if you have to go through mastering all of these for your business! But let’s say that you have, so here are some of our top choice tips and tricks for amazing aerial photography. 

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Tips And Tricks

One thing we all appreciate is the amazing landscape we get to see from above!  And drones will definitely allow you to go places even helicopters can’t. However, if you plan on taking some footage, there are some practical tips you need to hear!


  • Focal Point – When it comes to capturing compelling aerial footage, having a well-defined focal point is key. The focal point acts as the centrepiece of your story, infusing your final product with a touch of enchantment. Surprisingly, it doesn’t have to be grandiose or extravagant; often, a modest body of water, a serene grove, or even a solitary tower can serve as the perfect focal point. By strategically selecting and highlighting these smaller elements, you can create a visually captivating narrative that draws viewers in and leaves a lasting impression. So, whether you’re capturing aerial footage for personal enjoyment or professional purposes, remember that the magic lies in finding that one focal point that elevates your storytelling to new heights.
  • Camera – When it comes to achieving stunning aerial photography, the importance of a high-quality camera cannot be overstated. Without the right equipment, it’s nearly impossible to capture exceptional footage. While it may be tempting to cut corners and save money on a drone (as they can be quite costly), compromising on the quality of your video equipment is never a wise choice. Skimping on the tools needed to capture clear and crisp visuals will only hinder your ability to produce professional-grade results. To truly excel in the realm of aerial photography, it’s essential to invest in top-notch video equipment that can do justice to the breathtaking vistas and perspectives offered by drone photography. Remember, when it comes to capturing awe-inspiring aerial footage, a high-quality camera is the key that unlocks your creative potential.
  • Mind The Weather – Another important factor of an awesome aerial photoshoot is the weather. If you’re a professional like us, you need to accommodate to this and often you haven’t the option but to use the best equipment available. But if you’re doing this for your own business or pleasure, some heavy weather planning should be done in order to get the best aerial photographs. 
  • Use The Right Tools! Drone safety is a big issue and you want to consider keeping your drone safe from harm when doing aerial photos. Propeller balancer and other technologies to stabilise your drone mid-flight are essential for a quality flying image — without these, your drone is more susceptible to tearing at a faster rate.

Working With Studio52

At Studio 52, we understand the immense potential of aerial photography and are fully equipped with the latest technologies and a team of expert pilots. Our professionals possess the necessary permits and extensive hands-on experience to effectively cover the aerial view of your project. 

Whether you require captivating visuals for marketing, precise surveying data, or enhanced surveillance capabilities, we have the expertise to deliver exceptional results. Embrace the power of aerial photography and let Studio 52 take your project to new heights with our cutting-edge drone services.


A lot more goes into quality drone photography than meets the eye. If you’re doing this out of a hobby or to start a business one day, we definitely wish you luck developing your skill. 

However, if you’re looking to get results right away for business or marketing purposes, then a lot can be saved by simply hiring Aerial photography service like Studio52 to help you out and create the most amazing aerial photographs and promotional videos!


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How To Use Drones To Create The Most Amazing Aerial Photographs

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