4 Fantastic Factors To Make an Effective Health and Safety Video

23 February , 2020 by Rashida Saeed
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In everyday life, we face a huge amount of risks. It can be in our homes, walking our pets, walking down the street, exercising, etc. The point is that there’s always a risk in everything we do, no matter how minimal. This is amplified in the work area. However, the good thing is that many businesses use safety training videos as a resource. It’s important to ensure that the video presents the information correctly and effectively. As human beings, we have very limited time to pay attention and retain information. This is why it’s key that you take into account all these factors to make your videos the best. Thus many accidents are avoided and the health and safety of every person are maintained.

The Script

The script is like the skeleton of every video. With the script, you have a very good idea of ​​what messages and images will be put in the video, by doing so the information is understood to the fullest. It’s very important that you create a simple and concise script, so as not to bore or confuse. At the same time, it’s a good idea to add humor because this helps maintain the engagement of the audience. We’ll extend this factor later on in the article.

Describe Situations

It’s very difficult to get your message across from the script if there are no situations that exemplify it. A very good way to do this is to raise many situations and different ways of dealing with them. Another thing that can also be shown is how not to carry them out, so there’s a very clear contrast.

Visual Effects

This is a factor that gives your videos an extra flair. Of course, the script and the description of situations are important, but more value is added with these effects. Visual effects clearly related to dangerous situations, such as fire, smoke, electricity, and destruction, makes the video more detailed and maximizes every circumstance. It gives a realistic point of view to those who are watching the video.

Don’t Make It Boring

Dangerous situations and people’s health and safety are very important issues, but if you make the video extremely serious it can be very boring. If so, then you lose the aforementioned engagement of the audience. Don’t be afraid to use humor to describe situations and how to deal with them. Depending on each circumstance, you can see how the message is expressed. With not-so-dangerous situations, you can use humor to make the audience comfortable. But with the riskier and more delicate situations, you can express the message more seriously. Remember that there is room for each type of message and it’s important that you know how to use it. By achieving this, the audience will remember the video and its messages for a long time.

Those are the most important factors that should be in every effective health and safety video. Within any work environment, people are the most important asset. This is why these types of videos are so necessary. Now is your chance to create it.  If you have more questions, visit us at Studio 52.


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4 Fantastic Factors To Make an Effective Health and Safety Video

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