4 tips to make an effective Health and Safety video to achieve your organization’s goal

20 January , 2020 by Rashida Saeed
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Every organization from any industry is obliged to follow a set of rules related to health and safety of the employees and everyone else associated with it. Some industries have high risk due to their complex production processes that involve risky tasks. Oil, Gas and Construction Industries are highly relatable to the significance of ensuring the Health and Safety of employees, due to their extremely risky tasks they do at work. But it’s not just them that need to be careful, even if your industry seems safe, everyone needs to put in the work to guarantee safety in the workplace.

Safety videos are a great way to help you achieve that goal. Health and safety video production is one of the most convenient ways to achieve your organization’s goal of providing safety training for your employees. It is just as important as having a health and safety officer working at your company.

Making an effective safety video is no easy task. So we are here to help you with some tips for you to consider when making one.

Less is More

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Videos should be relatively short: 8 to 12 minutes is recommended, definitely not more than 20. If you need to talk a lot about safety, then try to divide the content in different, shorter videos. Also, plan your words carefully so you can be concise. Speak slowly and articulate carefully to help your audience understand everything. 

Dress for the occasion

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Health and Safety is a serious matter. Whoever is appearing in the video needs to dress accordingly. You need your employees to take the video really serious, and the clothes the presenter is wearing will go a long way in doing that.

Keep your audience’s attention

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You need your employees to pay attention to your Health and Safety videos. If not, what’s the point in even making one. Vary the types of video you include in each video you make, some options are talking heads, slides, screencasts, animations, or video clips. Mix it up so you don’t lose the audience, but don’t overdo it, just 2 or 3 different types per video. 

You’re probably going to include examples in your video, either with video clips or animations. This is another great way to earn your employees’ attention.

About Animation

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Animation will be one of your best friends for make effective Health and Safety video. It will greatly help you in demonstrating the dangers that are present at your workplace. With it you can make short clips demonstrating how to avoid said danger and what not to do when an emergency arises. Actually, it can be used for almost anything you want, but the examples before are probably what you are most interested in when making this kind of videos.

At Studio 52, we design safety training videos that take your safety message out to the remotest of sites beyond the training rooms. We guarantee our safety videos will ensure safety at the workplace by decreasing safety rules violations and increasing compliance with safety rules. Take your safety training at workplace to the next level with Studio 52 video training production.


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4 tips to make an effective Health and Safety video to achieve your organization’s goal

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