How To Market Your Construction Business With Timelapse Videos

06 April , 2023 by Rashida Saeed
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If you take pride in your construction business work, you’re probably thinking of ways how to show that to the world! And today we’re here to tell you why timelapse are the best way to do so! 

Here at Studio52, we use the best techniques and equipment to capture long-term duration construction processes and display them in a manner you can share with anyone included. 

A recent study has shown that: 

  • 66% of viewers favor a video to learn about your service or product
  • 89% of marketers claim that video brings the highest ROI
  • 83% claim that video is an awesome lead-generation tool

We have created world-class professional timelapse video for many brands and construction projects. Our most notable clients include Expo 2020, Meraas, Damac, and many more! And maybe we can help you out too. 

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What Is A Construction TimeLapse Video

A lot of companies these days use the power of timelapse videos to check and track their project progress. These video materials record everything from when the first truck arrives to when the site is ready to be opened — the timelapse camera sees it all through! 

These pictures are then compressed to create amazing time lapse videos that can show every stage of the project. Other than a monitoring purpose, these videos have a strong marketing purpose too! They can help raise your organic and SEO values online and generate wide traffic!

They can bring in new clients too, and the possibilities are endless! Let’s see some of the most notable ones.

The Benefits For The Business

The recent rise of social platforms like youtube and TikTok only confirms that video is the best way to reach a large number of new viewers and potential customers! 

PR Value

You no longer have to pull people by the sleeves to tell them about your brilliant business. The video shareability and PR influence does it all for you. These help you build a presence and create new opportunities, showing potential clients what’s it like to work with you even before they had a chance to pick up the phone to call you! 

Pumps Sales

These videos help potential clients see what you can do for them! Huge numbers of marketers swear by using video for their strategies. HubSpot has found that up to 86% of marketers say video content has generated sales-ready leads for them!

These videos are a visual testimonial to your work and it just doesn’t get any better than this. 

Enables Community Engagement

Your construction projects create their share of community disruptions, such as traffic jams and noise pollution. It’s on you to calm peoples’ nerves and show them the long-term effects of what they’re enduring now, and that’s a new and improved landscape of their town. 

Not only that, your partners will feel confident about working with you again because of it! It also makes for great internal team engagement and synergy. Your sales reps can take the footage and use it to pitch the next big project from thousands of miles away. 

Enables Client Engagement

Probably the most important thing on this list is that your marketing teams can use these videos to keep your clients engaged and in the loop about the project’s progress! This will build trust and keep those communication lines open and transparent.

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Shows Trends

The recent pandemic has seen a rise of 96% in consumer video usage! It’s now critical, or should we say, a standard to use video as a part of your overall marketing strategy! 

When To Use Them

Incorporating longterm construction timelapse video into your marketing strategy is a must for any construction company. It’s essential to showcase as many details as possible to captivate your audience. Here are some key elements that the top construction companies often highlight in their timelapse videos:

  • Overall Project Development: Capture the entire journey of your construction project, from start to finish. Showcase the progress made at different stages, giving viewers a comprehensive view of the project’s evolution over time.
  • Specific Room Construction: Highlight the construction process of specific rooms or areas within the project. This allows potential clients or stakeholders to visualize how different spaces come together, providing a clearer understanding of the project’s scope.
  • Specific Building Features Construction: Showcase the construction of unique or standout features of the building, such as architectural elements, facades, or specialized installations. Highlighting these details adds visual interest and demonstrates your company’s craftsmanship and attention to detail.
  • Roof Construction: Document the construction of the roof, which is a critical aspect of any building project. Showcase the installation of roofing materials, structural elements, and any unique features related to the roof design.

By incorporating these key elements into your construction project timelapse videos, you can effectively engage your audience, showcase your expertise, and demonstrate the progress and quality of your work.


If you think that you’re ready to take your construction timelapse video advantages, it’s more than just turning on your camera and getting rolling! You need to have a sense of perfect location, use top-quality equipment and production, along with highly skilled voice-over and graphic experts to make it all happen! 

That said, you always want to go with professional service when it comes to creating top-notch construction project videos. 

Here at Studio52, we create videos that will be powerful marketing tools to show your expertise and professionalism. We offer top-quality timelapse video solutions in one place, specifically catering to your needs and your brand. Give us a shot and contact us today!


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How To Market Your Construction Business With Timelapse Videos

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