Long term Construction Timelapse Videos

01 December , 2021 by Rashida Saeed
Long term Construction Timelapse Videos

One of the best ways to market your construction brand is long-term timelapse videos. These videos are entertaining, short, and visually appealing making them ideal construction marketing material.

Long-term construction timelapse videos serve as fantastic collateral for the Sales and Marketing Department. The reason is these videos impeccably show your brand and showcase the strengths and capabilities of your company to clients and customers. They provide an insider’s view into the construction of your projects and are extremely transparent. As a result, they build trust amongst clients and customers as they show the behind-the-scenes actions of your Company.

The hard work is captured masterfully and then you can use it as marketing material for years to come.

What are the benefits of Studio 52 handling your long-term construction timelapse video projects?

  • Studio 52 has an extremely customizable process for the creation of long-term timelapse construction videos, which varies according to the requirements of the client.
  • Based on the schedule provided by the client, we can adjust the intervals between the photos, what time of the day it is taken and customize them at any time remotely.
  • Total control can be shared with the client so that construction monitoring can be handled from your end and you can stay updated on the current project progress and productivity.
  • Shareholders and clients can have a firmer grip on your project monitoring and construction documentation becomes simplified.

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What are the technical solutions possible with Studio 52’s long-term construction timelapse video projects?

  • We capture high-quality images using our advanced camera equipment
  • We capture ultra wide-angle images
  • We use multiple power options including high capacity batteries or AC power.
  • Work with adjustable and programmable schedules for capturing different schedules at different times of the day.
  • We can increase shutter exposure for capturing images at night
  • We are careful with composition as it is the key to creating an impressive construction timelapse video.

Studio52 Advantage

A premier creative content production company, Studio52 is well-entrenched in the audio-visual communication business. The company has worked with an extensive set of clients that are generously spread over various industries. Some of the best talents, both creative as well as technical are associated with this brand. The body of work is impressive and Timelapse video production for the construction sector has always been a forte for Studio 52.


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Long term Construction Timelapse Videos

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