Long Term Construction Timelapse Videos

01 December , 2021 by Rashida Saeed
Long term Construction Timelapse Videos

One of the best ways to market your construction brand is long-term timelapse videos. These videos are entertaining, short, and visually appealing making them ideal construction marketing material.

Long-term construction timelapse videos serve as fantastic collateral for the Sales and Marketing Department. The reason is these videos impeccably show your brand and showcase the strengths and capabilities of your company to clients and customers. They provide an insider’s view into the construction of your projects and are extremely transparent. As a result, they build trust amongst clients and customers as they show the behind-the-scenes actions of your Company.

The construction industry invests over $10 billion annually in advertising in the United States alone. However, the impact that advertising has on construction businesses eventually justifies the costs. 

While word-of-mouth is still effective, advertising is necessary to improve your brand positioning. Powerful advertising and innovative business practices are also essential for landing high-profile construction projects. Long-term timelapse videos help you excel in both these areas. 

Time lapse videos are emerging as a potent advertising tool and effective video monitoring solution in the construction industry. You just need to engage with reliable timelapse video production companies such as Studio52 and set up shooting equipment under expert guidance for your project. You can use this footage to monitor the site and compile it to make a time-lapse video of your project. 

Here’s how long-term timelapse videos offer incredible benefits for business growth. 

  • Detailed Project Records

When you capture time-lapse footage for a long time, you ensure thorough project documentation. The more footage you have, the more detailed analysis you can do. This detailed analysis will help you make improvements in future projects. You can derive valuable insights about resource allocation and workflow management and use them in future projects. 

Furthermore, timelapse footage serves as compelling evidence to solve disputes, claims, or any unexpected legal challenges that may arise in the future. You can resolve conflicts by using these videos as proof to avoid unnecessary legal expenses. 

  • Advanced Progress Monitoring

By monitoring progress over time, you can accurately track your construction project. This detailed monitoring enables you to check exactly how much work is completed, compare it to the planned schedule, and identify potential delays. 

Further, when you regularly review timelapse footage, you can spot problems related to resource shortages, logistical challenges, or even quality issues before they escalate. Then, you can adopt real-time actions to resolve these challenges.  

Timelapse video monitoring also provides opportunities for optimising resources in real-time. You can identify areas of inefficiency or underutilization and make necessary adjustments. This will improve staffing levels, equipment allocation, and even material deliveries. 

Ultimately, you get to prevent budget overruns, minimise cost, and ensure productivity just by using time-lapse video monitoring. 

  • Documenting Weather Changes

Construction projects often span several years, exposing them to various seasonal changes and weather conditions. Timelapse videos effectively capture these fluctuations in a visually appealing manner. They give a behind-the-scenes insight into how construction workers rigorously work under extreme conditions and bring the building to life. You can present it as a story of resilience. 

It will also act as an educational medium for your clients. They will be able to comprehend what challenges you face in changing seasons and why you need to speed up work under good weather and then strategically pause the operation during extreme weather conditions. 

Time lapse video footage is adequate to justify operational decisions to clients, since the visual documentation speaks for itself. 

1. Enhanced Client Communication

An effective client engagement strategy allows you to manage your clients’ expectations during the project. By periodically sending timelapse footage to your clients, you can provide them with timely updates on the project’s progress including achievement of an important milestone. This transparent approach builds more trust between the business and their clients. 

Let’s say the project needs to be put on hold due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances. You can communicate this through visual proof in the form of timelapse footage. It will help you build more trust and anticipate client dissatisfaction. 

Moreover, when you send them timely updates with visual footage, it leaves a lasting impression. Because the processes are what sets any business apart, it will help build brand value by allowing open communication regarding the project. 

2. Powerful Corporate Marketing and Brand-building

Professional partnerships are important in the construction industry. You always need to be top-notch with your communication to appeal to a corporate audience. Long-term timelapse videos are a powerful corporate marketing tool due to their visual appeal. 

Moreover, a time-lapse video gives a transparent view of your work. It shows how much expertise goes into a construction project and your dedication to executing it seamlessly. It lets them know how skillfully you handle every project. Beside revealing your unique approach for the construction project, it helps you communicate your value propositions to your partners and clients. 

Furthermore, timelapse videos offer versatile marketing opportunities. You can use them for television commercials, LinkedIn posts, or even add them to the media library on your website, just like Studio 52. You can also optimise them for long-form social media marketing platforms like YouTube. Furthermore, running targeted ads on YouTube featuring the time lapse videos of your most recent project can help generate new leads. Thus, you can market yourself on different platforms using time lapse videos and expand your reach within the industry. 

How to edit timelapse footage for the final video?

The next stage in time lapse production is compiling the footage and employing editing techniques to make it highly impactful. 

Here are some editing ideas to enhance your timelapse video:

1. Speed ramping

Speed ramping involves using dynamic playback speed throughout the video. For example, you can slow down the speed of footage of key moments of the project to emphasise it and bring more attention to it. However, you should do it subtly without overdoing it. Hence, it is important to hire experts who can take care of it. 

2. Layering multiple footages

This technique lets you add depth to the video. It’s about layering footage captured from different angles to give your viewers perspective. Since this technique is excellent for showing the complexities of your construction project, it is essential to ensure a smooth transition between different angles. Make sure your video editor is experienced in such projects to maximise the impact of layering in time lapse footage. 

3. Adding transitions.

This technique is especially beneficial for long-term projects, where footage of different phases of construction is used. To transition smoothly between such footage, you can add swipes, fades, or zooms. This technique not only enhances visual appeal but also keeps viewers engaged by smoothly guiding them through the project’s progression.

4. Overlay graphics and text to give context

You can use overlay graphics and text to give your viewers more context about the video. For example, adding the text  “3 years of rigorous operations” and “100+ skilled workers” in separate slides with dynamic transitions will give your viewers a specific insight. If you have the optimum budget, we suggest adding a voiceover to give additional context. 


Timelapse videos have incredible long-term benefits, including great marketing, improved brand positioning, an effective project monitoring process, and more. On top of that, they provide an archive of project history. You can use this archive of past projects to identify trends and make improvements. Most importantly, they provide objective evidence of project progress and foster transparency. 

Thus, the benefits of construction time lapse are not limited to creating videos for marketing, and are suitable for the long-term growth of your business. 

As we mentioned earlier, time lapse video production requires expertise and experience. With a trusted clientele, including Expolink 2020 Dubai, Sephora, and Etihad Business Hub, at Studio 52, we guarantee engaging time lapse videos that maximise your reach and optimise your business goals.

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The hard work is captured masterfully and then you can use it as marketing material for years to come.

What are the benefits of Studio 52 handling your long-term construction timelapse video projects?

  • Studio 52 has an extremely customizable process for the creation of long-term timelapse construction videos, which varies according to the requirements of the client.
  • Based on the schedule provided by the client, we can adjust the intervals between the photos, what time of the day it is taken and customize them at any time remotely.
  • Total control can be shared with the client so that construction monitoring can be handled from your end and you can stay updated on the current project progress and productivity.
  • Shareholders and clients can have a firmer grip on your project monitoring and construction documentation becomes simplified.

Dig Deeper Into – Optimizing Construction Timelapse Filming

What are the technical solutions possible with Studio 52’s long-term construction timelapse video projects?

  • We capture high-quality images using our advanced camera equipment
  • We capture ultra wide-angle images
  • We use multiple power options including high capacity batteries or AC power.
  • Work with adjustable and programmable schedules for capturing different schedules at different times of the day.
  • We can increase shutter exposure for capturing images at night
  • We are careful with composition as it is the key to creating an impressive construction timelapse video.

Studio52 Advantage

A premier creative content production company, Studio52 is well-entrenched in the audio-visual communication business. The company has worked with an extensive set of clients that are generously spread over various industries. Some of the best talents, both creative as well as technical are associated with this brand. The body of work is impressive and Timelapse video production for the construction sector has always been a forte for Studio 52.


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