How Can Construction TimeLapse Videos Benefit Your Bottom Line

09 December , 2022 by Rashida Saeed
How Can Construction Time Lapse Videos Benefit Your Bottom Line

The average attention span of humans has deteriorated greatly, to us now being able to focus for only about a few seconds before we turn our attention to the next best thing. If you’re aware that your construction business offers an amazing service, you need to employ content that’s able to captivate the attention in the best possible way. 

Videos are one of the most popular formats companies go with to increase their demand and their sales. Here at Studio52, we know all too well the power of video promotion, and it’s high time you get in the know about it! 

Why Construction TimeLapse Videos

There are many reasons to go with the timelapse video promotion of your construction company. They tell your story in the most time-efficient and smooth way. Moreover, these videos provide a marketing method both proactive and effective, unlike anything else used these days. 

Timelapse videos allow construction companies to show their construction progress for a short enough period of time to entice the viewer and make them have a decision and form an opinion. These videos apply to both commercial and residential projects and you can use them both for the end customer and the project stakeholder. 

Every milestone of your construction project can be captured in the most beautiful ways with the use of areal cameras. Here at Studio52, we use only the best gear and a team of specialists who can create the most appealing video materials! 

But how you can use these videos to your benefit and how does it affect your bottom line? 

There are more than a few benefits and ways, so let’s dive in the importance of timelapse in construction!  

How Is Your Bottom Line Affected

These videos take time to be put together, but you can count on them to make a real difference for your business. You can use them online on your front page, in your email promotions, in your sales pitches, and on social media! 

Strong PR

You can use your construction timelapse videos to gain market advantage unlike anything else can. Timelapse videos give others a very unique insight into your company, being able to see how you successfully implement any project, big and small. This creates a very strong PR potential as videos are easily sharable with others and communicated very easily across different platforms, not just by you. Your market, your stakeholders, and even media outlets now have the availability to and a chance to share these videos representing your business in a very attractive way. 

Better Community Outreach

Every project you work on has a certain value to it, and all can be used to promote your brand online. This value in form of video can extend your work, and expand and develop your business hugely. 

No business, no matter how big or small can succeed without having some form of community outreach employed to let the people learn of their value. With timelapse videos, you can share everything in an easy-to-digest way, not only the projects you work on, but the technology and skills you work with! 

Funding Development

Without stakeholder engagement, your construction company won’t have the sources or investments you need to make the work happen. You’d want to share every project with your stakeholders to let them know of your activity and to showcase how their investments are being used. No better way than through video you can show how projects develop from the beginning so effectively and briefly. 

Our timelapse jobsite camera can share your story in videos using premium marketing skills and tools. Irrelevant if you’re working on housing, commercial buildings, or events – now you can show progress to anyone interested. The social media presence you create with these makes for a strong selling point and will generate new projects and attract more business! 

Increased SEO Value

A large part of your company’s growth and success lies in being present on the internet. You need to have a strategy or a method (preferably more than one) that drives traffic to your website and makes it interact with your business. You need to employ only the best platforms that can allow you to share high-quality timelapse videos to make a significant impact on your ranking and promotion. 

The videos will not only spark interest, but they’ll make your bounce rate much lower and make the people stay on the website for a time too. Timelapse videos work so well because they are impressionable, intriguing, show growth, and are engaging! 

Business Growth

Every project you do contributes to the development and growth of your business. But only so if you show it to folks. Without a way to document these projects, you increase the chances of your business falling down to others. 

Create Timelapse Construction video are a perfect way to show off the capabilities, technology, skills, and efficiency of your hard-working team. You can insert a visual summary to provide conclusive information about the uniqueness of your company. This way you’ll be able to document and present your daily operations to any interested customer, investor, or project stakeholder. 

What Comes Next

Now that you’ve seen how timelapse videos affect your entire bottom line, you’re probably wondering how to get one. This has never been easier – here at Studio52, we use only the best video equipment and a team of professional marketers, voice-over artists, and videographers to create the most enticing documentation of your entire operation! 

Feel free to reach out to us and start attracting traffic and new projects like never before! 


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How Can Construction TimeLapse Videos Benefit Your Bottom Line

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